eBay: ‘Rare’ Sherlock Holmes 50p coin on sale for £1400 – is it worth it?


The bidding site, eBay, can be a great place for coin collectors as there are lots of cheap deals waiting to be had. There are also some pricier products on offer including a number of rare coins. Recently, a Sherlock Holmes 50 pence piece was put on sale with the starting price of £950. On top of this, the seller added the coin had a Buy It Now price of £1400, but is it worth it?

The eBay user, “heradc-74”, uploaded the fifty pence online along with two pictures of it.

They wrote: “New Sherlock Holmes 2019 50p Fifty Pence Coin Rare Collectible.”

Although bidding is set to start at £950, the seller believes it to be worth much more as they have set the Buy It Now price of £1400.

Potential buyers would also need to to pay a postage fee of £1.50, which would get them the coin via standard delivery.

The Sherlock Holmes coin was released celebrate the 160th anniversary of the birth of the author of detective books, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The coin on offer was designed by textual artist and designer Stephen Raw and was released in 2019.

On the face of the coin, there is the recognisable illustration of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe.

Around this, the titles of popular Sherlock Holmes tales are written out.

This is also the first time Sherlock Holmes has featured on a coin.

Although the mintage of the coin is not yet known, it is not necessarily rare or worth as much as the selling price would suggest.

In fact, this coin is currently available to buy on the Royal Mint website for just £10.

Before buying a commemorative coin online, checking with a coin expert can be the best way to find out just how much cash to splash.

Coins are often uploaded onto eBay with selling prices which are much higher than face value.

Recently, a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit coin sold for over £500, despite being worth just £4. 

Another Peter Rabbit coin was put on sale with the asking price of £1500. 


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