Easyhotel in London’s trendy East End has modern feel after refurbishment


EASYHOTEL Old Street, London
WHAT’S IT LIKE? In London’s trendy East End, it has recently undergone a major refurbishment, delivering a modern, clean feel. It’s more hip black and white than the famous orange – although a little of the easyJet feel is still there.

The hotel is in a great location though the rooms are a little small

ROOMS ANY GOOD? In a word: small. The rooms are what you’d expect from the brains behind easyJet. They have a double bed – or two singles depending on what you’ve booked – and an en suite. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pack light, though, as storage, and indeed floor space, is at a premium.

EAT THERE OR GRAB A PIZZA? Unless you’re happy to make a meal out of things you can find in a vending machine, you’d better take to the streets of London. Fortunately, you’re in the heart of the city surrounded by thousands of restaurants, from kebab shops and Wetherspoons to five-star joints.

WHAT ELSE? It’s set between a host of Underground and overground stations, meaning you can get wherever you need in a flash. But beware of the “total” room price. As is the way with easyJet, what you think should come as standard, doesn’t. For example WiFi, use of the TV and even cleaning of the rooms (yes, really) all cost extra.

YOU’D GO BACK? It depends on the cost. This is as budget as you can imagine. At £50 per night, it’s well worth taking for the location. But prices can soar – then you’d be better off finding a secret hotel or last-minute 4 or 5H room.

WHAT’S THE DAMAGE? Rooms can be as cheap as £50 per night but can drift well into the £100s depending on the time of year and day of the week.


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