EastEnders fans terrified Louise Mitchell will be KILLED by gangsters as payback on dodgy dad Phil


EASTENDERS fans are terrified that Louise Mitchell will be killed by gangsters after being abadoned by bodyguard Keanu Taylor.

Soap fans looked on in horror tonight as Midge tracks her down to the pub, picks up the phone and says: “In 24 hours, she’ll be history.”

The slap-headed baddie has sworn revenge on her dad Phil Mitchell as payback after the botched Spanish garage operation.

And Keanu, the lad Phil has ordered to look after her was nowhere to be seen after a day where she put increasingly cringeworthy moves on the lad.

Fans had many theories about what’s going to happen to poor Louise, but fans were in little doubt she is about to be kidnapped.

One tweeted: “Target?! 😱😱😱😱 history?! What!! Not Louise?! Nooooo!”

Midge was sitting behind her looking sinister

Others thought she was on the brink of trafficked, writing: “Is Louise falling victim to a Slaver?”

Another EastEnders fan agreed: “Louise is gonna get trafficked !”

A forth raged: “Lad swear if eastenders kill Louise Mitchell that’s it.”

One other blamed devious Ben, writing: “Ben’s stupidity is going to get Louise kidnapped.”

He said: ‘In 24 hours, she’ll be history’

Midge was seen sitting behind Louise as she gushed about Keanu to poor Sharon.

Turning to face her as he walked out, he said: “Nice to see that beautiful smile of yours again. Don’t go wasting it.”

However, things turned sinister outside, when he picked up his phone and said: “I’ve made contact with the target.

“In 24 hours, she’ll be history.”


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