Driver, 92, who featured in hit ITV driving documentary wrecked brick wall with her new £9,000 car


A OAP who shot to fame on ITV’s 100 Year Old Driving School splashed out on a new £9,000 motor – and then slammed it into a brick wall at her retirement flats.

Gutted Jill Hartley, 92, who passed her test 57 years ago, left a pile of rubble behind her and wrecked her new Toyota Aygo after the accident on Friday.

Ben Lack

Still smiling, 92 year-old Jill stands in front of the wall she knocked down with her new car[/caption]

But plucky Jill, of Brighouse, West York’s., yesterday vowed to get back behind the wheel as soon as the banged up motor is fixed – despite her demolition derby.

Retired county council bursar Jill told how she appeared on the TV hit documentary series last year and passed a mature driving assessment with flying colours.

But the air turned blue when her foot slipped onto the accelerator as she returned home – bringing down the stone wall in front of her.

Shaken widow Jill told The Sun: “I always thought I was a good driver, and have been since 1962 when I passed my test.

“This is the first crash I have ever had in all my years of driving, and when I get back on the road I don’t intend to have another one.”

Jill got the Aygo after she traded in her trusty 29-year-old manual Toyota Carina last year.

She even got the accelerator on her new car raised after surgeons shortened her leg following a fall which broke her thigh bone.

But it led to disaster as she returned home from Morrisons supermarket on Friday.

She explained: “When I came back from my shopping trip an ambulance was parked in my spot and I had to manoeuvre around it.

“As I did my foot slipped onto the accelerator and my car shot forward over the grass and into the wall.

This little prang doesn’t bother me

Jill Hartley

“I wasn’t going fast, my airbags didn’t go off, but the wall fell down.

“I just thought ‘what the Hell have I done?’”

Jill emerged unscathed – apart from a mild headache and wounded pride.

She added: “I love driving, always have done, and this little prang doesn’t bother me.”

Official figures reveal that more than 100,000 registered drivers in the UK are over 90.

Licences expire when the holder turns 70 but they can be renewed with a self-assessment form.

There is no requirement for them to take a driving test or a medical before they go back on the roads.

Over-70s have to renew their licence every three years, though there is no age limit for driving.

Once a driver has passed their initial test, it is up to them to tell the DVLA if they suffer from conditions that could affect their road use.

AA head Edmund King said: “If driving restrictions based on age and safety were introduced we would be more likely to restrict young drivers.

“We all age differently and the car is an essential lifeline for many elderly people.”

Last month the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, voluntarily gave up his licence after a crash near the Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Ben Lack

Jill managed to ram the vehicle into a wall, sending bricks all over the pavement[/caption]

Ben Lack

The star of ITV’s 100 Year Old Driving School had never crashed her car before this accident[/caption]

Ben Lack

Jill says she doesn’t intend on knocking down any more walls when she gets back on the road[/caption]

Ben Lack

Jill said her foot slipped onto the accelerator – bringing down the stone wall outside of her home[/caption]

Ben Lack

Although the crash was a shock, Jill thankfully left the scene unscathed[/caption]


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