Drinking Six Beers Or Glasses Of Wine A Week Boosts Heart Health, Research Reveals


HEALTH chiefs should tell Brits to drink six beers or glasses of wine every week to boost their heart health, a study suggests.

Teetotallers and occasional drinkers faced a higher risk of heart attack and angina than those who boozed consistently.

Getty – Contributor Drinking a beer a day could improve heart health

Binge drinkers and quitters were also more likely to suffer than those who regularly drank within government guidelines.

Researchers analysed the drinking habits and health of 35,132 British and French patients over a ten year period.

One in 20 suffered an event linked to coronary heart disease, such as heart attack or angina, of which some were fatal.

Those who consistently drank within the government’s guidelines – around six pints of beer or small glasses of wine – suffered least.

Getty – Contributor Teetotallers and occasional drinkers faced a higher risk of heart attack and angina than consistent boozers

Those who varied between moderate drinking and never drinking faced an 18 per cent higher risk, the University College London boffins found.

Consistent teetotallers were 47% more likely to suffer and former drinkers 31% higher. Only former drinkers were more likely to die.

Study leader Dara O’Neill said: “This finding suggests that policies and interventions specifically encouraging consistency in adherence to lower-risk drinking guidelines could have public health benefits in reducing the population burden of CHD.”

Victoria Taylor, from the British Heart Foundation, said: “There is a balance to be sought between the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption.

Press Association Images Former drinkers were the most likely to die form heart disease Taxman sloshed

SWELTERING Brits drank so much booze during the heatwave and World Cup that Treasury coffers swelled by £300million.

Figures show thirsty footy fans and sun- ­lovers sank 7.4 per cent more booze compared with wash-out 2017.

The partying led to the massive increase in the tax take on beer, wine and spirits.

From April to the end of July the sin taxes raised £3.98billion, compared with £3.7billion last year.

July alone raised £52million more.

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