Donald Trump warns that China would 'love' Joe Biden to be US President


    Mr Trump referred to his rival in the upcoming 2020 elections as sleepy and stated that China would own America if Mr Biden was President. President Trump also raised concerns about postal voting, stating that it is much easier for foreign powers to cheat with universal mail-in-ballots. 

    President Trump said: “China would love us to have an election where Donald Trump lost to sleepy Joe Biden.

    “They would dream, they would own our country.

    “If Joe Biden was President, China would own our country.”

    He added: “It is much easier thing for a foreign power, whether it is Russia, China, Iran, North Korea.

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    “Many others, people, countries you would not expect, it’s much easier for them to forge ballots and send them in.

    “It is much easier for them to cheat with universal mail-in-ballots.

    “So I think one of the things we’ll have to look at is exactly that.

    “But that’s a big problem.”      

    “Just in terms of what it is doing to the party, it is killing us as Republicans.

    “Our brand is tarnished we’re in a demographic cul-de-sac now.

    “We are pushing away millennials and gen X, those who are coming up and becoming voters, they have been walking away from the party for a while but now it looks like they are in a dead sprint.

    “So, it is painful to watch really, to see my party go down this direction and follow the President wherever he goes.”


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