Donald Trump-loving schoolgirl, 11, ‘told by teacher she can’t pick him as ‘hero’ for school project… but she can choose Obama’


A SIXTH-GRADER says her teacher barred her from picking President Trump as her hero for a class project – and then she trashed the president in front of the class.

Bella Moscato, 11, wasn’t allowed to present Donald Trump as her hero because he “spreads negativity and says bad things about women”.

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Bella Moscato, 11, was barred from choosing Donald Trump as her ‘hero’ for a school project[/caption]

The disappointed young girl told LI’s Channel 12: “Donald Trump is my hero.

“She said I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad things about women.”

“The thing I didn’t get, she was okay with someone doing Barack Obama, but not okay with Donald Trump?

“That’s what got me angry.”

Moscato’s outraged parents have demanded an apology from the teacher, who they accused of attempting to intimidate in an act of censorship against their daughter.

At a recent school board meeting, the young girl’s father Arthur Moscato said: “My daughter’s hero is the president of our country.

“I can’t believe that anybody in the school would tell her that guy can’t be her hero.

“I’m incensed that a teacher would tell my daughter to do that.

“No one should make a child feel that way.”

According to the young girl’s parents, the teacher ordered Moscato to pick another hero.

Valerie Moscato said: “My daughter has any right to pick a hero of our choice.

“It’s her first amendment right, you know, freedom of speech.”

The Sachem Central School District’s superintendent denied the Moscatos’ claims in a statement to the television station, but offered a different tune when contacted by The New York Post.

Kenneth Graham said in a statement: “I wish to make it clear that the District does not endorse or condone any limitation or prohibition upon a student’s choice of the President of the United States of America as the subject of his or her ‘Hero’ report.

“To the best of our knowledge, the student is still conducting her report on president Trump.”

He otherwise declined to comment on the case, citing privacy laws.

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The sixth-grader at a school in Long Island was clearly upset by the situation as she admired Donald Trump[/caption]

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President Trump has become a controversial figure in America, with many condemning his attitudes towards women[/caption]

News 12

Bella’s parents spoke out against the teacher’s attitude at a conference at the school, mentioning free speech and the first amendment[/caption]


Valerie and Arthur Moscato were furious when Bella came home and told them the story of what happened at school[/caption]

A version of this story was originally published on The New York Post.

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