Donald Trump Advisor Roger Stone Applauds His Uk Visit As A ‘huge Success’ While Us Critics Claim He Acted Like ‘a Nightmare House Guest’


DONALD Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone declared his UK visit went “smashingly” while his detractors in the US claimed he acted like a “nightmare house guest”.

The US President met with Theresa May on Thursday after a bombshell interview with The Sun on her troubled EU negotiations, which sent shockwaves around the world.

Reuters Mrs May and Mr Trump at a press conference outside Chequers on Friday

The diplomatic controversy angered politicians both in the UK and the US – and left a question mark over the “special relationship” – but the President later backtracked and said the PM was an “incredible woman”.

Over in the US, Trump’s close friend and political consultant Roger Stone hailed the visit a huge success and described the President’s behaviour towards the Prime Minister as “vintage Trump”.

“It has gone smashingly – the visit has gone extraordinarily well,” Stone, who played a key role in Trump’s election, told Sun Online.

“People have to understand Donald Trump – he is not your average politician who goes to these meetings and speaks in hushed tones and we’re trying to guess about what they’re thinking or saying. He’s very direct.

Twitter President Trump sits in Churchill’s chair during his visit to see Theresa May at Chequers on Friday

“So him telling The Sun that the Brexit deal will not work and Theresa May made an enormous mistake and that it will affect a future trade deal with the United States before their meeting – it’s just vintage Trump.

“I’m sure it’s quite a blow to the globalists – but he’s a believer in Brexit and he thinks May’s administrative is making a mistake in their Brexit strategy.

“He’s not politically correct – that’s why he was elected – people are tired of politicians who say one thing in private and one thing in public.

“The thing about Trump is he’s consistent. There will be nothing that he said to The Sun that he probably hasn’t said to the Prime Minister.

“He’s refreshing in many ways… He’s just a brash American. That’s the way he is. He’s authentic. Nothing phony about him.”

Roger Stone Political consultant Roger Stone described the visit as ‘vintage Trump’

Stone said the thousands of people who turned out to demonstrate against Trump in London and other British cities would have no impact on the President.

“He answers only to the American people and the American voters,” he said.

“I think he sees protests as what they are – organised, contrived, paid for and not necessarily representative of public opinion.

“Believe me, if Barack Obama came to Britain I could organize a large protest. Anybody can be protested.

“It makes good television but I don’t think it has any effect on his thinking.”

EPA Theresa May and husband Philip pose for pictures with Donald and Melania Trump

However a Democratic party representative said Trump behaved like a “nightmare house guest”.

“There was so much attention on this visit and everybody already expected him to be himself and abrupt – which he of course was – but there was a general feeling that ‘You’re a guest in this country – where’s your manners?’,” John Scardino, the spokesman for Democrats Abroad, said.

“Your ready to meet a top ally and you come in insulting the leader of the country.

“Somebody said to me it’s like the nightmare house guest who turns up late, doesn’t like what’s being offered and then turns and insults you on the way out. That was the first 24 hours of his visit.

“Then he turned about quite a bit after their meeting at Chequers and my guess is Theresa May was able to inform him a little better of her Brexit plan.

“So I think in his introduction to the UK – he didn’t do himself any favours – and that’s why so many different people and groups came out to protest.

“One sign I saw said ‘There’s so many things to protest I can’t put them all on this one sign’ and I think that sums it up.”

London News Pictures Anti-Trump protesters march down Regent Street

Scardino believes Trump purposely tried to discredit Theresa May ahead of the visit – by criticising her Brexit strategy and showing his support for Boris Johnson in order to “weaken her hand” ahead of trade negotiations.

“I think everybody knew Trump was going to turn things upside down but we didn’t know it would be to such an extreme,” he said.

“I think the big problem with Trump and his style is that he enjoys the disruption part of it but he doesn’t seem to like to do the difficult, boring part of talking through the details, looking ahead to the future, anticipating what might happen – particularly with allies either in the US or the UK and other countries around the world.

“He likes to be the bull in the China shop but he doesn’t take account of what happens when he leaves.”

AP:Associated Press The Trumps met the Queen on Friday for tea at Windsor Castle

Another US political commentator Steve Pigeon, a former Democratic politician, described Trump’s behaviour during the visit as “no surprise”.

“Yes he violated diplomatic protocols but he got elected saying he wasn’t going to pay attention to protocols,” he said.

“So we elected a president over here – in an electoral college not a popular vote – and he’s not saying anything that he didn’t say he was going to do.

“He says what he thinks and deals with the consequences.

“And that’s what he said he was going to do, going to shake up institutions.

“He was going to put America first in his mind and that’s what he thinks he did in lecturing Nato about the defense contributions.

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