Do these pictures prove Dani Dyer faked her love for Jack Fincham after keeping him at arm’s length with weird ‘guppy kisses’


DANI Dyer’s weird “guppy kisses” with Jack Fincham led to rumours the pair were faking their romance.

Love Island fans accused them of pretending to be in a relationship because they “kissed like ten-year-olds” on the Christmas Reunion Show.

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Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer kiss on the flight back to the UK after winning Love Island[/caption]

Now body language expert Judi James has revealed the startling difference in Dani’s love life after she was spotted in a passionate embrace with new boyfriend Sammy Kimmance.

“Dani looks much more comfortable with Sammy than she did with Jack,” Judi told The Sun Online.

“She often appeared to be keeping Jack at arm’s length, despite using ‘the look of love’ with him a lot.

“Now though we can see a rather different-looking Dani who seems to be much more passionate with Sammy.


Body language expert Judi James says Dani is more passionate about Sammy Kimmance as she throws her arms around him[/caption]

Love Island Christmas Reunion viewers claimed Jack and Dani’s kissing didn’t seem genuine

“She’s performing a much more uninhibited PDA with her ex and the compare-and- contrast style of kissing suggests it’s Sammy who brings out her sensual side.”

Dani dated Sammy for around a year before she met Jack on Love Island.

Over the weekend they were seen sharing a passionate kiss while out boozing with friends in London.

Witnesses said the pair “kissed for ages” and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Judi added: “Dani has flung her arms around Sammy’s neck to cling like a passionate limpet, completely encircling him in a signal of possession while their torsos are pressed together tight.


Dani grinned from ear to eat as she stared up at Sammy and leaned in close to him[/caption]

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Love Island fans accused Jack and Dani’s relationship of being ‘forced’[/caption]

The meaning behind Dani and Jack's 'guppy kisses'

“Chameleon-kisser Dani Dyer shows a body language side to herself that was kept partly concealed from the fans while she was building her on-screen relationship with ‘Forever’ boyfriend Jack Fincham,” according to body language expert Judi James.

“Dani and Jack maintained an oasis of chaste on the island, which meant we primarily saw a form of kissing from them called the ‘Guppy’, where you extend your pouted and closed lips from a distance, straight-on to just lightly touch them to your partner’s in a kiss that is cute and lacking in anything close to raunch.

“It could be that Dani was keeping ‘love of her life’ Jack at a bit of an arm’s length to keep his passion simmering on a back burner while her family and a large portion of the UK were watching their shenanigans in the sun, but there were very few body language cues to suggest anything much had changed once they had set up home together for their follow-up TV show in the UK.”

“Dani’s intentions look clear as she eyes up Sammy’s lips and as she stretches up to plant the smacker it is less ‘guppy’ and more ‘air-bag’ as her lips are pressed tight against his.

“Sammy even seems to be clutching the window ledge behind her for balance, although there also seems to be a moment when he is applying a bum-grip too.

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Dani and Jack met and fell in love on the reality TV show[/caption]


Dani dated Sammy for a year before going on Love Island[/caption]

“The odd quality to these poses is the way Dani seems to have worn designer sandals especially for the moment, suggesting she might even wear ‘kissing heels’ that bring her up to the right height for a serious snog.

“Once the kissing is over she’s pulled them off and Sammy seems to be sitting on the kerb to swap them for a pair of what looks like her dad’s old socks.”


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