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North Korean tyrant Kim Jonh-Un has previously used the parades to showcase the rogue regime’s military prowess.

He has even boasted that they could deliver nuclear warheads to US home soil.

But no ICBMs were on display this year and there were no nuclear tests to mark the day – a feature of the celebrations in 2016 and 2017.

In another break with recent tradition, there was also no public address from Kim Jong Un during the parade.

Kim instead oversaw the parade from a balcony on Kim Il Sung Square.

Kim Jong Un was joined by one of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s closest advisors, Li Zhanshu.

At the end of the parade, both joined hands and waved to the crowds to signal closer relations between the two countries.

Instead of Kim Jong Il, it was the head of North Korea’s parliament, Kim Yong Nam, who gave a brief speech to the crowds.

Yong Nam set out the country’s economic goals for the year, claiming that as well as being ready to fight a war, North Koreans should be also “battle for economic development”.

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