Despicable Teen, 18, Ripped Off Fans By Flogging Fake Tickets To Manchester Bombing Tribute Concert


A TEENAGER who sold fake tickets to the Manchester Arena bombing tribute concert was today fined almost £2,000.

Adeena Abdul, 18, advertised tickets for a range of events on social media priced from £80 to £280.

SWNS:South West News Service Adeena Abdul, 18, has been fined almost £2,000 after she was convicted of fraud

Buyers paid by bank transfer but the tickets never materialised, Warrington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Abdul, of Great Sankey, near Warrington, was convicted of nine counts of fraud after she admitted selling seven tickets.

The defendant, who was living in youth housing at the time of the offences, also sold fictitious tickets for a Drake concert and the Wireless Festival.

She made the buyers transfer the cash into the bank accounts of her unsuspecting friends and family.

Rex Features Ariana Grande organised the One Love benefit concert in the aftermath of the attack

Michael Caine, prosecuting, said: “The defendant said she had been going through a tough time at Verve Place [youth accommodation] and she was seen as a vulnerable person.

“She suggested that she was viewed as a pushover by the residents at Verve Place.”

The court was also told that in December 2016, Abdul had also agreed to pay £412 for a Versace necklace online.

She initially paid the money but then contacted PayPal to say the item had not been received and the money was refunded.

The necklace was never returned to the seller.

A similar situation unfolded with the online sale of an iPhone 6S plus for £320 and an Apple Macbook for £230.

Gary Heaven, defending, outlined how Abdul, who is of previous good character, is now “piecing back her life together”.

The court heard how she had left education and was struggling financially which “persuaded her to do something she wouldn’t normally do”.

He told the court: “We are dealing with a young person who was clearly facing problems in her life which she was unable to cope with.”

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