Desperate NFL coach says he’d chop off his own penis to win the Super Bowl


DESPERATE NFL coach Mike Vrabel has bizarrely claimed he would chop off his own penis to win the Super Bowl this season.

The Tennessee Titans chief, 43, made the startling confession with around two months to go until the start of the season.

Mike Vrabel would cut off his own penis to win the Super Bowl this season

Vrabel won three Super Bowl crowns as a player alongside Tom Brady at the New England Patriots – but is yet to clinch a ring as a coach.

And when asked if he’d make the ultimate sacrifice to win the Super Bowl, said: “I’ve been married 20 years… so, yeah, probably.

“You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it.”

Vrabel won nine and lost even of his 16 matches in charge of the Titans last season.

And the Tennessee franchise have never won the Super Bowl, making just one appearance in the big showdown – losing to the St Louis Rams in 2000.

Vrabel was the 91st pick in the 1997 NFL draft and went on to spent three years at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Seven glittering years at the Pats followed – including those three Super Bowl triumphs – before he finished his career with a year at the Kansas City Chiefs.

The American star wasted no time getting into coaching, as he took over at as a coach at Ohio State University.

Stints as a coach at the Houston Texans followed, before he was given his first crack at head coaching with the Titans last year.



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