David Attenborough reveals why he's gone veggie ahead of Our Planet Netflix release


The veteran naturalist is currently promoting the release of his upcoming series Our Planet, which marks a departure from the BBC to Netflix. 

And he admitted he cannot continue to eat as much meat as he used to as it does not feel right. 

He said: “Well, we can’t go on eating meat at the rate we have been. I haven’t been a doctrinaire vegetarian or vegan, but I no longer have the same appetite for meat. Why? I’m not sure. I think subconsciously maybe it’s because of the state of the planet. 

“Although I’ve never really been one for eating enormous meals and I’m not particularly a gourmet either, so I can’t pretend that I’m feeling deprived in any way or that it’s cost me all that much. Above all, we have to bear one thing in mind – every single mouthful of food and every breath of air we take is dependent on a healthy planet. And the one thing we can all do is to stop waste. Don’t waste food. Don’t waste power. They are precious and we can’t live without them.We are all consumers of these things and we must act responsibly.” 

Sir David told Radio Times he has made the new programme away from the BBC to help spread the message of climate change. 

Asked if he was optimistic about the future, he added: “Human history has always been about war, about battles, arguments, power, conquests, rape and pillage. But the time for that is now passed. History has got to take a new turn. Our history has got to be about collaboration, for the first time ever.” 

The full interview with Sir David is in the Radio Times out now. 


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