Daughter’s Anger After Dad Died From Sepsis Just Four Weeks After Doctors Sent Him Home With Medical Tube Left Inside Him


A HEARTBROKEN daughter has spoken of her anguish after her dad died when he was discharged from a hospital with a medical tube still inside his body.

Alexandra Wilshaw’s dad Darren, 47, died when the tube triggered an infection and he contracted sepsis.

Caters News Agency Alexandra Wilshaw’s dad Darren died just four weeks after being sent home from hospital with a medical tube still inside him

Speaking to the Sun Online his 19-year-old daughter said: “I want answers. My dad died because of their stupid mistake.”

Bosses at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, in Staffordshire, issued Alexandra with a “full and unreserved apology” and said an investigation had taken place to ensure the same mistakes were not repeated.

But Alexandra, who lives in Rocester village, said: “They have given me no explanation as to what happened.

“My dad was my world. It was me and him since day one but they ripped him away from me.”

Caters News Agency Alexandra’s dad never got to meet his grandson, Elijah (pictured)

Alexandra, with her dad Darren, who died as a result of gross negligence after being discharged from the Royal Stoke University Hospital

Alexandra said she’d forced her “stubborn” dad to go to hospital after he’d had a cough for the best part of a month.

She said: “I went on and on at him to go to hospital but he wouldn’t.

“But then he was wheezing and breathing very heavily and so he finally gave up and went to hospital [on December 6, 2016].

“He had a bad chest infection but then fluid started building up on his lungs and so a central venous catheter [CVC] was attached to his heart two days later.

“He was in the Royal Stoke University Hospital for three weeks where he was given regular treatment.”

Caters News Agency An inquest in March this year ruled Darren had died as a result of gross negligence but Alexandra said the hospital had still not given her a proper explanation as to what happened

Alexandra said the hospital kept date of her dad’s records up to December 23, after which they apparently misfiled his paperwork.

This meant Darren wasn’t given any medication for the remaining six days he was in hospital.

She said: “They left him in a bed for the last week he was in hospital. They sent him home without looking at any records because they misfiled his paperwork.”

The 19-year-old recalled how Darren was sent home with the CVC still attached to his heart.

She said: “It was very obvious that my father had his chest drain in. They all knew about it – the nurses, the doctors, the ward, they all knew it was there.

“They laughed with him about it, called it his jewellery. When we got there (to pick him up after his discharge) the nurses dressed him.

“They took the hospital gown off him and helped dress him. So they knew the line was there… obviously, they knew it was there.”

Darren Wilshaw with daughter Alexandra on his lap as a baby

Dad-of-one Darren went to stay with Alexandra at her home and she claimed no one came round to check on him.

His condition rapidly deteriorated and he was rushed back to the Royal Stoke on January 6 2017.

Alexandra recalled: “A doctor said to me ‘how did he go home with the CVC still in his chest?’

“He said ‘there’s no treatment and antibiotics won’t work’ – it was infected and oozing green stuff and sepsis was running through his body.”

She said: “Twenty days later Dad started bleeding out of his mouth, nose and ears. It was like something from a horror film. I’d just turned 18 and was pregnant and my Dad was saying he was scared and he didn’t want to die.”

Darren passed away on January 29, aged 47.

Caters News Agency Royal Stoke University bosses have offered a ‘full and unreserved apology’ to his family for the standard of care

An inquest in March this year ruled Darren had died as a result of gross negligence but Alexandra said the hospital had still not given her a proper explanation as to what happened.

She said: “I want answers, I want to know how you can misfile someone’s paperwork, how on earth was he discharged with no record for him? He sat there and they did nothing for him, they just left him. How can that happen and what are they going to do to stop this happening again?”

Alexandra, mum to ten-month-old Elijah, said: “My dad was my world, he was disabled after being injured in Army training but he and my Gran raised me.

“I turned into his carer when I was 14…it was me and him since day one but they (the hospital) ripped him away from me because of their stupid mistake.

“He was nicknamed Rambo because of how active he was. He used to go off into the woods, hunting for bunny rabbits and he loved swimming.

“Four weeks before he got ill, I found out I was pregnant and he bought swimming shorts because he was excited and wanted to go swimming with his grandson. It was always me and my Dad.”

But the 19-year-old said the precious memories of her dad had been ruined forever.

Caters News Agency Alexandra has since given birth to Elijah and is being supported by her partner Jamie Kirkland (pictured together)

She said: “My last memory of Dad was of him bleeding to death. Every time I think of my Dad, if it’s half way through a happy memory, I think of that and I think of the blood and I remember telling him he would be OK but he wasn’t OK.

“I was 18, I am bitter that people have 50 years with their Mum and Dad when they are frail and old but my dad was fit and active and then this chest infection killed him.

“He was a chubby, jolly man who looked like Santa and then the day before he died he looked so frail.”

His cause of death was given as a combination of multi-organ failure, septicaemia and sepsis.

Royal Stoke bosses issued a “full and unreserved” apology to Alexandra.

Paula Clark, chief executive of University Hospitals of North Midlands, said: “I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology to Mr Wilshaw’s family for the standard of care he received.

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