Daughter accidentally drops vase of lilies on mum’s cream carpet while she is on holiday – and uses 45p product to remove the stain


AS pretty as they are at this time of year, there’s no denying that lilies are a total liability when dotted around your home.

But while we’d always thought that there was no getting rid of their pesky pollen stains, one woman has revealed how she watched them disappear before her eyes thanks to a 60p product.


A panicked Georgia desperately hunted for cleaning tips in a private Facebook group[/caption]

After dropping a vase full of lilies on her mother’s cream carpet, Georgia Pincombe, from Newton Abbot, desperately searched for advice on a Facebook cleaning group.

Living every daughter’s worst nightmare, Georgia wrote: “So a vase of lilies landed on my mum’s cream carpet. She’s on holiday, so please any tips on how to remove it?

“I’ve tried a carpet cleaner machine!! It was the WHOLE vase including the WATER!!!”

Unfortunately for Georgia, others members of the group said there was no salvaging such a stain – especially as it had already set.


Thankfully, Georgia’s mum removed the stains from her carpet using a 60p bleach[/caption]


Georgia’s mum mixed bleach with water to lift the stain from her carpets[/caption]

  • Thick Bleach, 45p for 750ml from ASDA – buy now

Thankfully, Georgia’s managed to remove the stain using a 45p bleach when she returned home.

After mixing a small amount of bleach and water, the woman applied the solution directly to the stain before scrubbing it away in just five minutes.

Unsurprisingly, others users were similarly blown away by the results – with many joking whether they could “borrow her mum” for themselves.

What’s more, you can also use tape to pick up lily pollen before it sets or soaking items of stained clothing cold water before leaving them out to dry.

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And a mum got her filthy oven door sparkling in minutes using a £1 product from The Range.

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