Dark web paedo who raped boy, 5, and abused a toddler is jailed for 22 years


A DARK web paedo who raped a five-year-old boy and abused a toddler has today been jailed for 22 years.

Sick Kyle Fox was today slammed for the “serious and depraved” offences that saw him sexually abuse the children before posting images of the horrific abuse on the dark web.

Sick Kyle Fox, 26, was sentenced to 22 years behind bars at Kingston Crown Court
Sick Kyle Fox, 26, was sentenced to 22 years behind bars at Kingston Crown Court

It wasn’t until National Crime Agency detectives managed to trace one of the videos back to him that the sick 26-year-old was caught.

A court heard 13,000 indecent photographs and videos were found showing Fox’s victims being sexually abused and using bondage restraints – with some appearing to be drugged.

In total 4,743 of the images were category A – the most serious kind of abuse.

But twisted Fox tried to claim he had lost the memory stick and his computers had been hacked before the videos were posted online.

Today, he was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to 22 charges of sexual offences including rape, sexual assaults and sharing indecent images which started six years ago.

Judge Georgina Kent commended National Crime Agency investigators who arrested him and stopped the “imminent” abuse of other children.

Sentencing Fox, she said: “This is a very serious and depraved series of offences.

“You sexually abused two very young and vulnerable children.

“No right minded person could be other than horrified by this appalling series of offences.”

She slammed the “repugnant and distorted attitudes” that Fox had shown while speaking on chat logs online.

The judge explained she could have jailed him for life but added: “I have reminded myself of recent authorities regarding discretionary life sentences which remains a sentence of last resort reserved for offending of the upmost gravity.”

This is a very serious and depraved series of offences

Judge Georgina Kent

In custody he made a phone call to his mother and the prosecutor added: “He was overheard to say to her, ‘I’ve had an addiction to child porn for 15 years’.

“He made a reference to her finding photographs on a computer many years ago and he said, ‘I’ve to accept my punishment and get some help’.

“He does possess a high risk of serious harm to children.”

Fox was jailed for 14 years for his offences against the boy – seven rapes, six assaults by penetration and one sexual assault against the boy, with another year on extended licence.

Fox was caged for a further eight years for five sexual assaults against the girl and three counts of making indecent photographs of children, with a second year on licence.

He also received concurrent jail sentences for three counts of making indecent images of children.

Fox will serve two thirds of his 22 year jail sentence before being considered for parole and will still serve an extra two years on extended licence.


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