Dark season 3, episode 7 explanation: What happened in In Between Days?


    The knot can’t be broken from the inside

    The penultimate episode saw lots of jumping around as Martha and Jonas tried to break the knot.

    There were lots of different time periods, which viewers saw in quick succession as different characters attempted to avert the end of days with little success.

    For instance, Adam kidnapped a pregnant Martha and kill her and the baby, believing the son was the origin of the knot.

    Additionally, Jonas tried to kill himself but found out from Young Noah (Max Schimmelpfennig) determinism meant he couldn’t do so.

    In a disturbing scene, Jonas tried to shoot himself with a gun which kept glitching. This scene mirrored one from season two when old Noah failed to kill Adam when his gun also failed to fire.

    Young Noah explained the knot couldn’t be broken and so Jonas’ death could never happen in this way.

    As the episode continued, it appeared the knot couldn’t be broken from the inside despite different attempts and there needed to be another way to end It because Eva (Barbara Nüsse) would always preserve it and thwart Adam’s attempts.


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