Danny Rose points finger at Tottenham, Leeds and co over lack of diversity as change eyed

“It happens on a football pitch, but that first happened to me and my good friend Fabian Delph when we were playing for Leeds and we were only 15,” said Rose, who suffered sickening racist abuse when England faced Montenegro in Podgorica last year.

“He had been called a black ‘b*****d’ on the pitch and so yes, since then, that’s what we know. I’m used to it, that’s not saying it doesn’t still hurt, but how I then go on about my day after that is that it’s happened and I move on and ‘who do we play next?’.

“This happened first when I was 15 and it’s still happening now I’m 30. So 15 years of this on and off the field happening and there’s no change whatsoever.

“I just don’t want to repeat the same words I say and people saying: ‘oh he’s always moaning’ and what not. Obviously you’ve asked me what my experiences are and those are my experiences – and that won’t be the last experience.”


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