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Dan Walker speechless after eye-raising x-rated remarks: 'Not sure how to respond to that'


BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker, 43, struggled to compose himself on Tuesday morning, after an interview with England’s oldest identical twins Doris and Lil. The pair turned 96 on Monday and to celebrate their many happy years, they appeared on the BBC show to speak about their secret to living a long life, and they sure ended the program on a high note.

Known as the Tipton Twins, the grandmas have garnered quite the social media following, with almost 10,000 followers on Instagram and both Dan and his co-host Louise Minchin, couldn’t wait to speak to them.

Discussing everything from their birthday to family life, Dan was desperate to ask the secret behind living a long life together.

But he wasn’t quite prepared for the answer.

“Doris, what is the secret to long life?” Dan smiled before his facial expression changed to total shock.

“No sex and plenty Guinness,” she replied, as they grandmas chuckled away together.

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Dan was totally speechless as he spluttered with laughter, unable to muster any words to reply.

“Right…” he wheezed.

“I’m not quite sure how to respond to that!”

But Louise was there to save the day by quickly diverting the topic off sex and booze, subjects perhaps a little too much for early morning TV.

This wasn’t the first time Dan was taken by surprise by the elderly ladies yesterday morning, as they caught him off-guard once again earlier on in the interview.

And it wasn’t just the studio who were falling to pieces during the “hilarious” chat.

Viewers watching at home were also in fits of laughter, taking to Twitter to commend BBC Breakfast for “brightening” their mornings.

“These two always make me laugh,” one giggled.

Another agreed: “We were all cracking up watching it! It’s like listening to our family.”

“Fantastic interview with these lovely birthday ladies, made me chuckle and Dan speechless,” a third noted.

A fourth added: “They were brilliant, brightened up my morning.”

“Brilliant, made my day. Have them on every week!” suggested a fifth.

“Just the funniest interview EVER!!” a sixth chuckled.

Others urged the broadcaster to pick them up for their own show, which would certainly be a barrel of laughs!

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.


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