Dan Walker rips into Business Secretary over PM's care home comments: 'No sensitivity!'


    “Yeah well yes, the Prime Minister on many occasions said that we want to step forward to support the care sector,” Mr Sharma detailed.

    “He has on very many occasions thanked people with in the NHS and care sector for everything they’ve done. The point he is making is that no one knew what the procedures were and that’s why the guidelines were put in place.”

    Walker sighed: “At the very least, surely you will agree there is a lack of sensitivity and a lack of earnest.

    “Should the Prime Minister apologise for what he said? Does it require an apology bearing in mind the anger it has caused?”

    Mr Sharma replied: “I’ve explained what the Prime Minister was saying, I think the point is what support are we providing. I accept at the start of this process, things didn’t move as quickly as we would like.”

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