Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast star slams ‘grim’ discovery ‘Not that difficult to be decent'


    One said: “I agree that people need to take their rubbish home. But if we keep parks and beaches open then toilets should be open as well. It is ridiculous to leave the beaches open but keep the toilets closed! Also, bins are not being emptied in parks and beaches – these need to be emptied.

    Another replied: “I just don’t understand why people can be so disrespectful it’s outrageous.”

    A third commented: “Public is dependant on private loo facilities – many of these in stores, pubs and restaurants are also shut. We lost control of our ability to regulate public health by privatising toilets. Would be easier to open up access if opening up municipal loos came under same umbrella.”

    The criticism from Dan followed a statement released by Sheffield City Councillor Mary Lea who said there was “no excuse” for littering.


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