Daily horoscope for April 21: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY


Sunday starts with serious intensity, with the Sun arriving in Taurus early Saturday morning, putting many in a passionate state of mind. And with Venus in Aries, we may approach love from a confident position. Meanwhile, thoughts of romance could take a playful turn as the Moon enters happy-go-lucky Sagittarius.

The Transit Moon enters Sagittarius around 4pm BST (11am EST) on Sunday.

Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars, believes the Moon aligning with Venus and Mercury in Aries could cause sparks to fly this Sunday.

She said: “Most of the day will be spent in Sagittarius, which will definitely bring a relief.

“So we can say the week ends in a very harmonious way: there is a positive aspect between the Sun and Venus, and the Moon enters Sagittarius.

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“We can be more optimistic, positive, ready for adventures and learning new things.”

There is a semi-sextile between the Sun and Venus, which is a very supportive aspect and is similar to having a trine between Venus and the Sun.

Venus is always very close to the Sun, meaning we can never see more 48 degrees distance between Venus and the Sun.

Consequently we can never have a sextile or a trine between these two bodies.

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The semi-sextile is the closest that we have and this is a positive but minor aspect.

This can be constructive for relationships, love, harmony and balance in our lives, making it generally a very nice aspect.

Sunday’s other aspect is a quintile between Mercury and Pluto – and the MarStars astrologer believes this feature can help us to dive deeper into a deeper understanding.

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Ms Stoichkova said: “It will help us to be more intuitive and to have power with our words.

“This will be useful if you want convince others and make them pay more attention to your words.

“And also you may have some choices to make, and today’s aspect may help you make the right decision.”


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