Dad’s 7st weight loss on the keto diet – after he couldn’t keep up with his kids


A DAD has been described as an inspiration after shedding a remarkable 92lbs and piling on the muscle in just five months.

Jeremiah Peterson, 40, decided it was time to make a drastic change after realising he couldn’t keep up with his three kids during a family hike.

Jeremiah Peterson has undergone an incredible transformation in 150 days
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Tipping the scales at 292lbs, the American from Montana admitted he took a long look at himself in the mirror one day and realised he had to make a difference for his family.

He wrote on his Instagram page: “I found myself running out of breath and having to take breaks way before my 9-, 7-, and 6-year-old kids.

“I looked myself in the mirror and thought about my family, my responsibilities and how I would be 40 in less than a year. I knew I HAD to make some serious changes in my life.”

Peterson opted to use the keto diet – a high fat and low carb diet – to see if he could gain instant results.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is just one name to swear by keto that relies on a normal metabolic process called ketosis where the body, starved of carbs for energy, starts to burn fat reserves instead.

He would also exercise twice a day which included taking his dog for a two mile walk in the morning and hitting the gym later in the day.

It wasn’t long before Peterson started seeing incredible results.

He said on his social media account: “Since I turned the keto wheel I have found I don’t crave stuff that jacks my stomach up anymore.

“I don’t feel disgusting and bloated after I eat and my body feels so great the next morning in the gym.”

He has documented every step of his progress on Instagram that has now topped a whopping 95,000 followers.

ABC 7 report how he went from a size 42 jeans to 33 in 150 days.

He added: “For myself, a lot of my self-confidence has come from meeting my fitness and body image goals from my transformation.

“If you’re suffering from a lack of self-confidence and searching for a way to improve yours, try setting some fitness or weight loss goals.

“When you achieve them, you’ll gain the confidence to believe you can do more.”

The American exercised twice a day and took up the keto diet
@jeremiahpetersonmontana / instagram

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WHAT IS YOUR WHY? I want to get into shape because I don’t have enough energy to be productive at work. I want to be productive at work because  it’s important to provide for my family. I want to provide for my family because being a great parent is rewarding. I want to be an amazing parent because I believe it’s part of leading a good life. My family has and always will be my why. Finding your reason why is essential if you want to achieve success in life. If you don’t have a strong reason behind your actions you are less likely to get the results. Your why will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength anymore. Your why will keep you fighting when everyone else thinks you are down for the count. Who are you fighting for? WHAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING AND WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT? WHAT EXCITES YOU? Is your purpose your family? Is it to prove the doubters wrong? Or is it to prove it to yourself that you can do it? Your purpose will always be what lights that fire in you. I WILL DO THIS. NO MATTER WHAT! MY FAMILY IS COUNTING ON ME!

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He has gone from blubber belly to ripped in just a few months
@jeremiahpetersonmontana / instagram
Jeremiah worked out twice a day both in the morning and afternoon
@jeremiahpetersonmontana / instagram
He admitted that’s his family that keeps him going
@jeremiahpetersonmontana / instagram
Jeremiah now inspires others on his Instagram to lose weight
@jeremiahpetersonmontana / instagram



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