Dad spends £50K tattooing his whole body and LOVES it – because people stare at him


TATTOO addict Brett Cross has dished out £50,000 to cover nearly his entire body in ink, and says he loves his colourful skin as people stare at him.

There’s just one “sensitive” area he hasn’t yet put under the needle – his penis – as he fears exposing his private parts to his tattoo artist could ruin their friendship.

Australian Brett Cross is addicted to tats

The 42-year-old has racked up 750 hours being decorated from the top of his head, which features a wild cat, to his toes, as tattoos cover 99 per cent of his body.

He trained as a printer and would return home from work covered in ink, and now works as a beautician and nail artist.

Cross told Brisbane Times that the first tat he got was to honour his wife, Dorothy.

The dad-of-two, who lives in Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia, said: “Once I got it I wanted another one, and another one, and then it became an addiction.

“The tattoo artist said if you’re going to keep getting tattoos, ‘go big or go home, because you’ll look a bit silly with little tattoos on you’.”

As for the only bit of skin left au naturel, he’s keen to get his penis inked too, but reckons it could make things awkward with his tattooist, George Siatos, who has been decorating him for nearly two decades.

Cross said the pair are close, “but not that close”.

With people staring at me, I know exactly what they’re staring at and it’s all good… I love it.

Brett Cross, tattoo addict

He has no fear of getting his penis tattooed – as he believes it couldn’t be more painful than getting his palms inked.

Cross told the Times that he wants “something colourful, maybe blue birds” tattooed down below.

And he enjoys the attention his body art attracts, particularly as he doesn’t want to be considered just “another normal person in the street”, he told Daily Mail Australia.

Cross added: “With people staring at me, I know exactly what they’re staring at and it’s all good… I love it.”

Apart from an anime character across his forehead, he has a “few dragons”, a naked woman, many swirling designs up his arms, and white stars dotting his nose.

As for his kids, Cross said if they’ve inherited his addiction to ink, he wouldn’t mind as long as their lives were “in order” and they didn’t get “anything offensive” tattooed.

A Brisbane Times reporter said that while Cross “does look aggressive because of the tattoos, those who meet him think he’s a gentle giant”.

One downside is that passers-by have stopped him in the street and voiced their disapproval.

He said: “I had someone just tell me ‘You’re not going to let the little one grow up and do what you did’, and I said I don’t really mind as long as he looks after himself first.”

Cross told the Brisbane Times that 99 per cent of his body is covered in ink
The dad-of-two said his tattoo artist told him ‘go big or go home’
Cross said he’d let his kids (pictured with son, Bastien, above) get tattoos when they’re older, as long as their ‘lives are in order’


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