Dad Grieved For Baby Daughter At Wrong Grave For 30 Years After Headstone Moved To Vacant Plot


A DAD came to the devastating realisation that he had been grieving for his daughter at the wrong grave for 30 years.

George Salt’s daughter Victoria died in July 1988, just two days after being born.

George Salt’s daughter Victoria died in July 1988, and he realised he had been visited an empty grave all this time thanks to a council blunder

Since then he has visited the gravestone in Southern Cemetery, Manchester, twice a year.

However when he recently turned up he saw that the gravestone – which had Victoria’s name on it along with 16 others – was missing from its usual spot and was elsewhere at the graveyard.

Manchester City Council have apologised, and admitted that it had been moved during the 1980s to a vacant plot by accident.

Mr Salt, from Stockport, told the BBC: “I just wasn’t told.

Getty – Contributor Southern Cemetery, Manchester, where Mr Salt unknowingly visited the empty grave twice a year

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