Dad Describes Heartbreak After His Former Man City Trainee Son Died On Lads’ Holiday In Benidorm


A DAD has described his heartbreak after his “amazing” former Manchester City trainee son plummeted to his death while on a lads’ holiday.

Michael Jones, 21, became separated from his group of friends following a night out and fell over the railings of his apartment balcony in Benidorm.

Ben Lack Paul Jones, pictured with Michael, was left heartbroken when his son died

He was part of Manchester United and Manchester City’s youth set up during his childhood and died at 11pm last Wednesday.

His devastated family, from Botlon, Greater Manchester, have visited the Spanish seaside resort to arrange for his body to be flown home.

His dad, Paul Jones, 50, paid tribute to his son in a heartwarming open letter to other parents following the tragic incident.

He said mums and dads need to “cherish” their children because you “never know if and when they will be taken from you”.

Ben Lack The 21-year-old was on a lads’ holiday in Benidorm when he fell from his apartment balcony

SWNS:South West News Service He was a talented footballer and played in Manchester City’s youth set up

Paul wrote on Facebook: “On October 16, 1996, I was given the first of two gifts – both gifts of life.

“Michael my eldest son was born at Bolton Hospital, but earlier this week my beautiful baby boy died whilst on a ‘lads holiday’ in Benidorm.

“He died alone from injuries sustained from a horrific accident that no one could have foreseen. Understand that there is no blame to lay at anybody’s feet.

“I am broken and feel so alone – I can’t see the pain ending. A part of me died with Michael, never to be replaced or healed.

“No parent should have to bury their child, it’s just not right, it’s not fair. I told Mike I loved him with every opportunity I had and meant every word.

“I hope he understood just how much he meant to me as I cannot explain how much this hurts.

SWNS:South West News Service Michael, pictured on the right with his two brothers Joseph and Robert, died after the tragic incident

SWNS:South West News Service Michael, with his stepmum Janet and brother Joseph, was a talented athlete

“Cherish your children, tell them that you love them deeply, you never know if and when they will be taken from you.”

The talented young sportsman was on holiday with a group of football friends when he died at the Apartamentos Viña Del Mar hotel, his family have said.

A full inquest will be carried out in due course.

Michael began playing football at the age of five, and devoted much of his life to the sport.

SWNS:South West News Service His dad has revealed his heartbreak in a Facebook post

SWNS:South West News Service Michael was in a relationship with his girlfriend Ellie

At six years old, Michael joined Manchester City Academy then moved to Manchester United Academy.

Since the age of 12, he has played for football teams, including Bury FC Academy, Walshaw Sports Club, Bolton Town and Ramsbottom, as a winger and striker.

Paul said: “Michael was football. He was also involved in cricket and darts, and he played against some professional footballers at charity events.

“He has been an amazing kid. I loved his smile and his engagement. He was a lovely boy to be around.

“The messages and phone calls we have had highlight that even more.”

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