Cruise secrets: The real reason passengers are most 'seductive' at sea revealed by crew


Cruise ships offer a host of luxurious facilities on board, not to mention the plush cabins. There are a host of restaurants, shops and leisure activities on the deck, not to mention the opportunity to simply top up your tan on a lounger. When the ship docks, staff organise a host of exciting excursions for travellers to opt in and out of. Yet according to one former cruise ship worker, it is the sheer difference of life on the waves that causes more couples to stay in their cabins.

What’s more, he attributes the sea to sparking some seriously saucy activity.

In his new book The Truth About Cruise Ships, former cruise ship employee Jay Herring states: “Even if it’s not with the captain, and say, only between passengers, there is no doubt that sex is one of the main activities onboard.

“Cosmopolitan magazine conducted a survey and found that 80 per cent of the passengers polled felt more sexually excited at sea than they did on land.

“If you’ve been a passenger, then maybe you know the feeling.”

He added: “What is so seductive about a cruise?

“I think it’s because the ship environment is so different than what people are used to on land.

“On a cruise you get to see, smell, taste, hear and touch so many things that are unavailable and uncommon on land.

“The drastic change in the environment stimulates all five senses.

“With the brain so stimulated, dopamine levels rise.

“Dopamine makes you feel good, It stimulates the libido. And it’s time to get your sex on.”

So it appears there may be science behind the author’s speculation, based on first hand experience.

Meanwhile, another ex employee has let slip the shocking amount of cabin crew relations on board.

Relationships between staff members is frowned upon, and between staff and passengers is completely forbidden, although that doesn’t seem to prevent some saucy action from happening on board.

Cathryn Chapman, who used to work on cruise ships in Australia, has opened up on the crazy antics on board.

Cathryn said: “Cheating was so rife that people were cheating on their partners at home, and then they would cheat on their partners on the ship while they were asleep or working…it was really bad.

“What I found quite shocking was people would have a girlfriend who lived in the cabin with them and then if the wife was coming on board they would move out the night before.

“They would stay away for two weeks while the wife was visiting, and then move back after she left like nothing had happened.'”


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