Cruel Mum ‘starved’ Five Month-old Baby Leaving Him Weighing Less When He Died Than When He Was Born


A FIVE month-old baby was starved so badly by his parents  that he weighed less when he died than when he was born, a coroner said.

Hannibal Oceja suffered a fatal cardiac arrest in February weighing just five pounds.

Las Vegas PD Loreana Martinez, 25, has been charged with murder after her son Hannibal starved to death

That is one pound, seven ounces less than Hannibal weighed when he was born.

A coroner ruled he had died of failure to thrive, undernourishment and insufficient fluid intake.

The boy’s parents Anthony Oceja, 30, and 25-year-old Loreana Martinez were charged with murder on Tuesday.

First responders who treated Hannibal reported that his “bones could easily be seen, his spinal cord appeared as if it was about to poke out of his skin and his rib cage could easily be seen.”

Las Vegas PD The boy’s father, Anthony Oceja, 30, was also charged with murdering the little lad

A paramedic who turned up at the couple’s home in Las Vegas, Nevada, even had to ask if the baby was five weeks or five months old, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

The report further revealed how Martinez insisted that her son was a “perfectly healthy” on multiple occasions and that she claimed her two other children had “developed small”.

She denied that she was asked by a doctor to supplement Hannibal’s breast milk last December, and insists she breastfed multiple times a day.

The mum also disputed an arrest report which said she missed several doctor’s appointments for her Hannibal in the weeks leading up to his death.

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