Crowds greet Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Melbourne


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed in Melbourne on Thursday for the third day of their tour of Australia, where they will help clean the beach, meet young leaders handpicked by the Queen and ride the world’s biggest urban tram network. 

The couple, who a day earlier spent time in the rural community of Dubbo, were due to meet the public during a morning walkabout in the Royal Botanic Gardens where, if previous Australian meet-and-greets are anything to go by, they will receive plenty of presents for their newly-announced baby.

The Duchess, who has said she is so far feeling “pretty well” during her first pregnancy, is visiting Melbourne for the first time.

There, she will join the Duke at a lunchtime reception thrown by the Governor of Victoria, aimed at celebrating young leaders.

Among them will be Hunter Johnson, one of the Queen’s Young Leaders and the founder of The Man Cave, a mental health initiative for young men aimed at tackling toxic masculinity.

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