Crackerjack makes a comeback: BBC revives retro kids' show for a new generation


In a concession to the 21st century, the BBC said the “retro classic” will be “revitalised for today’s connected generation giving them an all-round, interactive experience while retaining the beating heart of what etched Crackerjack into the affections of British children.”

In practice this will mean children sending in selfies, jokes and quiz answers via the CBBC app, rather than the post.

Crackerjack will be aimed at an audience aged between six and 12. The higher end of that age group is particularly hard for broadcasters to reach.

According to a study published last month by Ofcom, 49 per cent of children aged 8-11 say they prefer to watch YouTube content rather than television programmes.

Francis, in a recent interview, said the show had been a hit because “it appealed to everyone. It was family time. It went out in a teatime slot and Mum and Dad used to watch it, Granny used to watch it, kids used to watch it.”


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