Couple who used to play ‘naked Twister’ admit they’re now having ‘the worst sex ever’ as they watch themselves getting intimate for new C4 show Sex Tape


A COUPLE who have gone from racy “naked Twister” games to having “the worst sex” of their lives have filmed themselves bonking for a new Channel 4 show.

Club owner, Brian Matthews, 35, and his partner, Victoria Obahor, 28, have revealed exactly what goes on between the sheets at home, in a bid to save their three-year relationship.

Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

Brian Matthews, 35, and Victoria Obahor, 28, appear on Channel 4’s Sex Tape to save their three-year relationship[/caption]

The new TV show Sex Tape documents a few days in their life at home and includes them making their very own racy video in the bedroom – and it makes for very awkward viewing.

When the Glaswegian pair first met in a club, Brian texted ring girl and hostess Victoria asking if she wanted to strip off to play some games.

Speaking on the raunchy show, Brian said: “I was checking out her social media and saw she had been playing Twister so I wrote to her asking if she wanted to come over to mine to play naked Twister.”

Victoria said their first sex was the “best she’d ever had”, and Brian said the couple went through the entire karma sutra with him experiencing multiple orgasms.

The couple make their own X-rated sex tape for the show to see where their relationship has gone wrong

The couple even had a threesome with another girl, with Victoria calling him “wild” and “that’s what I loved about him”.

This is a far cry from the couple now – who say they have been having issues in their relationship for the past year and their sexual spark has completely fizzled.

David said: “There’s no spontaneity in the relationship anymore when it comes to sex. We are only young but we feel like a married couple. You are like a bored housewife.

“We really need help because we had an amazing sex life and it’s flipped the opposite way and it’s just not the same now.”

Watching back the footage of their relationship with relationship coach Anjula Mutanda, the cracks in their relationship are apparent, after Brian stands Victoria up for a romantic dinner date.

The pair watched back their sex tape with other people, including relationship coach Anjula Mutanda, in the room

Brian could be seen arriving home after midnight with no explanation or apology, with an angry Victoria later added: “He’s always just letting me down.”

The couple try and get the spark back the next day, with Brian stripping off to cook for Victoria, before heading to the bedroom to make their sex tape.

Thanks to the bedroom being rigged with night vision cameras, viewers are able to watch them attempt some X-rated fun – however the passion is clearly non-existent.

After doing some very “vanilla” missionary-style sex, they instantly turn their back on each other and head to sleep.

Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

The couple hit a rocky point when Brian had a one-off fling with someone else[/caption]

Victoria said the next day: “Sex is like nothing. Not nothing as I love him and I enjoy having sex with him but last night my thoughts on that were just that I’m shattered and tired and I just want to get it over and done with.”

Relationship guru Anjula said: “Watching you having sex, you were both ‘like this is so bloody boring’, and then you just turned your back on each other.”

Victoria added: “I had a right connection with Brian when I first slept with him. The orgasms were great. I hadn’t had orgasms like that before because Brian is quite experienced as he’s been with a lot of girls, like a lot!”

She later added: “I don’t want to give up on it [the relationship], but it does seem like a lost cause if I’m honest.”

Brian said: “It’s flat, the relationship is flat.”

(Channel 4 images must not be altered or manipulated in any way) Channel 4 Picture Public

Brian describes himself as ‘a bit of a showman’ and says he ‘forgot about the cameras’ when it came down to doing the deed[/caption]

Their filming includes Brian’s idea to throw a party at home – but the cheeky Scot pops out mid-celebration to go to another event full of Miss Scotland finalists.

Justifying his flirty behaviour, he says: “To own a nightclub and to try and get girls in, you have to be wee bit of a showman, wee bit of a flirt to make the business work.”

And Brian even admits that he’d be open to another threesome with a reluctant Victoria, with him saying “never say never”.

Part of the reason their relationship is failing – it emerges – is due to Brian having cheated on Victoria in the past, which shattered her trust in him.

Victoria even admitted: “I don’t do oral sex with him anymore. If I do it’ll be ‘like go and have a shower first’ and it kills the vibe.

“I don’t know where he’s been.”

Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

Victoria revealed she wanted to dump Brian during filming but they are working on their issues[/caption]

Brian said: “It’s never been the same since that mistake. I can tell she’s thinking where have I been and what have I done.”

Victoria: “He might just go play naked Twister with someone else.”

After seeing the clips of their relationship and lacklustre sex tape, the couple admit that they can acknowledge the parts of their bond that need addressing.

Anjula advised that the couple need to work on their trust and Victoria needs to not follow Brian back like a “puppy”.

Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

The couple are urged to reconnect and later they talk frankly with each other about what they want[/caption]

Despite Victoria’s embarrassment about having sex on TV, she said of the show: “It has made me insatiable again! I have started to go back to the old ways in the bedroom. It has helped me.

“I am not a bored housewife any more and the programme helped us find stuff out. I did want to stay with Brian and the counselling made a difference.”

Brian added: “It has made our sex life better.  Victoria took on board things I said and she dresses more sexily.  Things have certainly improved and we do more dating together.”

Sex Tape starts on Channel 4 on Friday, April 26, at 10pm.

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