Couple say having sex on Channel 4’s Sex Tape show and watching it back helped to save their relationship


A SHOCK new TV show is getting warring couples to film themselves having SEX at home.

Billed as a “ground-breaking” social TV experiment, Channel 4’s Sex Tape sees fed-up participants rig TV cameras in their homes in a bid to capture how they interact . . . and how they bonk.

Brian and Victoria met each other in a club
Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

The risqué show then sees the couple watch their tape alongside two other couples, who they didn’t know, and a relationship expert who analyses why things were going wrong.

Among the first to take part are club owner, Brian Matthews, 35, and his partner, Victoria Obahor, 28, who want to save their three-year relationship.

They met in a club and started dating after Brian sent Victoria a text asking: “Would you like to play naked Twister?”.

Victoria said: “He was a bit wild and that’s what I loved about him.”

The pair watched back their sex tape with other people in the room

Their sex life soon became experimental. As well as trying out lots of different positions, they also agreed to have a threesome with another woman. Brian said: “It was wild.”

Victoria adds: “I told him that was the best sex I’d had.”

But as Victoria began to have stronger feelings for Brian, problems started to develop. Brian said: “I had been single most of my life and she became the first serious relationship.

“I didn’t want that at first. I didn’t want things to change, I still wanted to be Jack the lad. But it got boring. It got that married couple way — putting our pyjamas on, watching TV, going to bed. Victoria wasn’t open to new things any more.”

The couple knew they would have to be filmed having sex in bed — but Victoria found it tougher than she envisaged

Victoria adds: “I felt like a bored housewife.”

The couple hit a rocky point when Brian had a one-off fling, so when Victoria spotted an advert for Sex Tape, it came at the perfect time.
She explains: “I thought it sounded good to get us back on track, because you get to see everything.”

From the outset, the couple knew they would have to be filmed having sex in bed — but Victoria found it tougher than she envisaged.

The couple hit a rocky point when Brian had a one-off fling
Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

She said: “I was mortified. It was the worse sex of my life. I was so conscious of the cameras and I was actually at one point going ‘get off me’.”

Brian said: “Victoria was uncomfortable. She froze. But I didn’t mind about it at all. I am a bit of a showman. I forgot a lot of the times the cameras were there, especially in the sex scene.”

After filming in their home in Glasgow, the couple met with relationship expert Anjula Mutanda and two couples to watch their sex tape. It makes for toe- curling viewing.

At the start Victoria is seen excitedly getting ready for a date night.  Brian is supposed to be collecting her from home — only he doesn’t turn up, nor give any explanation as to why it hasn’t happened, returning instead at 12.17am.

Brian describes himself as ‘a bit of a showman’ and says he ‘forgot about the cameras’

With Victoria asleep, his attempts to give her a kiss and a cuddle in bed are not returned.

The next day Brian is seen trying to make amends by cooking her a meal naked with an apron on — much to her delight — and the couple end up in bed having sex, albeit rather awkwardly given the cameras are capturing their every move.

But by the next morning, they are barely speaking to each other again, preferring instead to look at their phones — so the full cracks in their relationship are laid bare.

Their filming includes Brian’s idea to throw a party at home. But as the guests arrive, he decides to pop out with a friend to see what else is happening in town, leaving Victoria to soldier on alone.

Victoria revealed she wanted to dump Brian during filming
Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

Once the film of them is over, the other two couples admit they found parts of it hard to watch.

Brian said: “I was embarrassed watching myself back at some points. It showed me as a male chauvinist. Trust issues had crept in.”

Victoria said: “When I saw the tape I looked like an absolute tool. It made me think I should have dumped him ages ago.” She added: “But when he watched it back, Brian realised he did need to buck up his ideas.”

Anjula tells the couple bluntly they both look bored during sex.  Victoria agrees their sex life used to be a lot better.

The couple are urged to reconnect and later they talk frankly with each other about what they want

When Anjula questions Brian about his infidelity and the threesome, Victoria makes the bombshell admission that she never wants to sleep with a woman again and only did it to please him.

She said: “He’s not having another threesome. I don’t want to share him with anyone else.”

Anjula urges the couple to reconnect and later they talk frankly with each other about what they want.

And despite Victoria’s embarrassment about having sex on TV, she said of the show: “It has made me insatiable again! I have started to go back to the old ways in the bedroom. It has helped me.

“I am not a bored housewife any more and the programme helped us find stuff out. I did want to stay with Brian and the counselling made a difference.”

Brian added: “It has made our sex life better.  Victoria took on board things I said and she dresses more sexily.  Things have certainly improved and we do more dating together.”

  • Sex Tape starts on Channel 4 on Friday, April 26, at 10pm.



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