Council jobsworths slap £100 fines for SWEARING in the street


COUNCIL jobsworths are slapping £100 fines on Brits for swearing in the street, it has emerged.

Local authorities are accused of trying to “rake in enormous amounts of money” by penalising people for such apparently minor offences as feeding the birds or dropping their kids off at school.


PSPOs are on the rise… but be careful what you say about them or you might risk landing one yourself[/caption]

And the number of offences being punished for anything “detrimental” to the quality of local life has soared by 400 per cent.

The anti-social behaviour laws known as Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) have resulted in 9,930 orders being fined last year.

These include 20 parents slapped with a fine simply for dropping their kids off outside the school gates, while six people were fined for swearing in the street.

Anything from skateboarding to playing ball games and messing about with drones in a park can be included under a council’s definition of what can make a pubic space unpleasant.

Campaigners have slammed the “busybodies’ charter” which has seen the number of fines soar since they were first introduced in 2014, with just 470 issued in 2015.

Josie Appleton, from freedom of speech group the Manifesto Club that submitted the FOIs, said: “Councils are introducing more PSPOs than ever, and they are continuing to target homeless and vulnerable people, as well as everyday activities that are not in themselves harmful.

“We must conclude that the only remedy to these overbearing powers is a wholescale scrapping of the legislation.”

Their concerns come after it emerged that drivers in Bradford can now be fined for blaring music too loudly while on the road in a further PSPO to add to their armour.

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