Coronavirus world death toll passes 500,000 – frightening pandemic rages on


    The amount of coronavirus cases worldwide sits at just over 10 million. Those who have officially recovered is at 5,379,386. Coronavirus has spread around the planet, sending billions of people into lockdown.

    Globally health services have struggled to cope and the weight of the pandemic.

    The virus is still actively spreading and new hotspots are consistently emerging.

    The disease has hit certain countries more than others.

    Brazil, the UK, and the US have had more serious outbreaks than other nations.

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    At present in the UK there have been 309,360 cases of coronavirus.

    Out of this number 43,414 have died.

    There are a number of different standards used to determine the cause of death.

    For instance, in Germany cause of death could be noted as the underlying symptoms, rather than the patient dying from coronavirus.

    Many elderly patients who have died from coronavirus, particularly in care homes, have been recorded as dying from their underlying symptoms.

    The UK has reached its peak, which came during the week ending 17 April.

    London has for a long time been the UK’s coronavirus hotspot.

    The capital recorded the highest number of excess deaths since the outbreak began.

    However, now the UK has moved past its peak.

    But, at the beginning of June, the disease flared up in Wales and the North West of England.

    Both these regions saw their highest rates of deaths from the pathogen in the week ending June 5.


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