Coronavirus symptoms update: Two warning signs found in the tummy added to CDC list

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now listed two warning signs which are found in the tummy as official symptoms of COVID-19. There has been controversy surrounding these symptoms in the UK, with many suggesting the UK is lagging behind in the recognition of symptoms. What are they and why has the UK not updated its symptom list yet?

“Researchers analysed data collected from 116 patients who tested positive for the coronavirus at Stanford Health Care from 4 to 24 March.”

Gastrointestinal symptoms were reported by 31.9 percent of the patients with the majority of the group describing the symptoms as mild.

Twenty two percent said they experienced loss of appetite, 22 percent had nausea and vomiting, and 12 percent had diarrhoea.

The NHS currently lists a high temperature, continuous cough and loss of smell or taste as symptoms of COVID-19.

It advises people to self-isolate and get tested if they experience only these three symptoms.

Some experts have suggested not recognising gastrointestinal symptoms could result in unknown spread of the virus. 

If you are suffering with nausea or vomiting with no obvious reason why, it may be important to take extra precaution and carry out self-isolation measures.


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