Coronavirus poll: Staggering number of Britons convinced UK lockdown to RETURN in 2020


    The poll comes days after a new coronavirus outbreak forced the Government to extend stricter lockdown measures in Leicester in a bid to contain the virus. The JL Partners survey of 2,000 British adults found over 70 percent of respondents were sure restrictions will have to be reimposed before the year is out. Commenting on the poll results, ITV Peston co-host Anushka Asthana said: “Huge pessimism about the possibility of the virus spiking again.

    “People were asked, when do you expect a return to lockdown due to a second wave of COVID-19 in the UK?

    “A massive 75 percent think that it’s going to happen this year. Just over a quarter in the summer, the same number in the autumn, only 14 percent optimistic enough to say that it won’t happen.”

    Boris Johnson put 36 cities in the UK under watch due to the concerningly high rates of infection recorded in those areas over the past few weeks.

    Several London boroughs are currently on the Government’s watchlist as are Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead, York and Redcar.

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    Ms Asthana reported the pessimism of survey respondents expanded to other aspects of everyday life, with many voicing their concerns about the British economy.

    She continued: “The polling then drilled in on more specific areas and I’m afraid it is also very, very pessimistic.

    “The vast majority of people asked are expecting serious damage to the economy in the next six months, 60 percent worryingly think there could even be disorder on the streets.

    “When it comes to finding a vaccine, more people don’t think it will happen in six months than those who think it will.”

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    The academic urged the Government to focus efforts in ensuring a suitable track and trace system is in place to ensure the spread of the virus can be monitored and kept under checks.

    He added: “I think we haven’t got a huge amount of time, just a few weeks now to resolve those teething problems.

    “We have got to get the data systems in place and get the modes of operation between local and national Government working well.

    “This is because we will desperately need them to work efficiently from September onwards.”


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