Coronavirus map LIVE: 'Don't let anyone in!' UK town SHUTS DOWN and nine others on alert


    The move comes as nine other areas in the UK are put on alert after reporting notable week-on-week jumps in COVID-19 cases. The new guidance, announced on Tuesday and to last two weeks, aims to halt the spread of the invisible killer virus and avoid a local lockdown as seen in Leicester.

    Oldham has seen 119 cases in the seven days to July 25.

    The borough’s 235,000 residents are being asked not to have social visitors to their home and to keep two metres apart from friends and family when seeing them outside.

    Care homes will not relax the recent lifting of restrictions on visiting and those people who are “shielding” will also be asked to continue to shield for another two weeks from Friday, July 31.

    Data for the most recent three days available (July 26-28) has been excluded as it is incomplete and likely to be revised.

    In Blackburn with Darwen, the rate is broadly unchanged at 79.2 cases per 100,000 in the seven days to July 25, compared with 79.9 in the seven days to July 18. A total of 118 new cases have been recorded.

    Second on the list is Leicester, where the rate continues to fall and is now down from 75.2 to 56.0, with 199 new cases.

    In third place is Oldham, where the rate has jumped from 14.9 to 53.9, with 127 new cases.

    Other areas, some of which are reporting notable week-on-week jumps, include:

    Bradford 46.0 42.6

    Rochdale 34.5 47.3

    Trafford 34.3 8.9

    Hyndburn 33.4 34.6

    Pendle 31.7 32.8

    Sandwell 28.7 22.9

    Melton 27.4 5.9



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