Coronation Street’s Gary Windass risks romance with Sarah as he revealed truth about loan shark to Sarah during hour long special


CORRIE’S Gary Windass is forced to reveal the truth of his mounting debt to girlfriend Sarah Platt.

The builder owes £11,000 to nasty loan shark Rick Neelan and is left bloodied and bruised after a run in with the ruthless criminal.

Rick demands his £11k back from Gary forcing him to confess to Sarah

Things get even worse for poor Gary as he finds himself cornered by Rick who is laying in wait for him at the builders’ yard.

Scared about what he might do, Gary is forced to sign everything everything he owns, including his van and all the fixtures and fittings at the yard, to cover his spiraling debt.

Back home, Gary’s girlfriend Sarah Platt is worried that he was involved in the factory roof collapse and is convinced something terrible has happened to him.

Sarah confides in Bethany that the police want to speak to her boyfriend and she fears he was responsible for Underworld crashing down and Rana’s death.

After signing over his van and everything else to Rick, Gary is forced to reveal all to Sarah
Gary owes Rick £11k and the loan shark is not happy
Gary is forced to sign everything he owns over to Rick
Andrew Boyce

Beaten and without his van, Gary has nowhere else to turn.

Heading home, he reluctantly confesses to Sarah that he took out a loan from the wrong person.

Gary admits he was desperate at the time and has now lost absolutely everything.

Sarah is left reeling from the bombshell as she contemplates their future together.

During the hour-long episode, Gary risks winding Rick up even more as he goes to warn Cathy that Alex is in debt with the loan shark and should pay the money back ASAP.

Cathy is horrified when she realises that Alex Warner borrowed money from Rick to buy her an expensive bracelet for her birthday.


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