Coronation Street’s Gary Windass could be killed in revenge attack by loan shark Rick Neelan


CORONATION Street’s Gary Windass could be murdered by Rick Neelan – if history repeats itself.

The ITV soap has killed off more characters than any other in violent attacks, and builder Gary (Mikey North) is already in hot water after borrowing money from the twisted loan shark (Greg Wood).

Coronation Street
Coronation Street’s Gary Windrass could be killed off in a violent attack

Daily Star reports that Buzz Bingo found Corrie to be the soap most likely to kill off a character by having them battered to death.

Three characters never recovered after being clobbered, including Jez Quigley, who ruptured his spleen after a beating from Jim McDonald.

Colin Fishwick died from a brain haemorrhage in 2010 after blows to the head from Ben Fielding, and Lynn Johnson was battered by her husband Roy in 1975.

In comparison, EastEnders has used the method to kill off only one character and Emmerdale lost two of its villagers to a violent attack.

Mikey North thinks his character Gary Windass could be murdered
Rex Features

Mikey, 32, recently revealed his fears for his character to The Sun Online and said Rick is worse than serial killer Pat Phelan.

In recent weeks things have turned increasingly dark for Gary, who has been forced to undertake a series of horrible jobs for Rick, which have included duping pensioners by offering them high interest loans.

The situation has impacted his relationship with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) as he starts to lead a secret life.

He’s also one of the prime suspects for the factory roof collapse, which killed Rana, as he was the last person to work on the roof – and actor Mikey is worried about his fate.

Gary’s girlfriend Sarah Platt will be left devastated
Gary is struggling under the pressure and it’s affecting his relationship


Speaking to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble, he admitted: “I’ve always said, the amount of Platt’s boyfriends and husbands that have died, it’s probably got to be me next, but I’ve had a good run!”

Mikey, 32, believes Rick is just as dangerous as serial killer Pat Phelan, but is more likeable.

“I quite like the character Rick, the way he’s written, it’s almost like the likeable scary bad guy,” Mikey told us.

“He’s got some pretty decent one liners whereas Pat was pretty much bad through and through, so I think there’s a bit more to like about Rick, but I wouldn’t mess with him.”

In the coming weeks, Sarah will come face to face with Rick and poor Gary doesn’t think he will be able to protect her.

Rick is a new villain who has got Gary working for him
Gary has been conning old people into taking out high interest loans


Discussing the upcoming scenes, Mikey – who has been on the soap since 2008 – told us: “Rick and Sarah will meet eventually, in quite strange circumstances and that’s how she’s going to find out about all this.

“I don’t think anyone can protect anyone from Ricky, he’s pretty ruthless.

“I think Gary fancies himself as being quite handy, but Rick’s a different level and kinda even puts Gary in his place.”

Mikey believes his character is full aware about his behaviour will impact Sarah, but gets lost in the stress of owing money.

Mikey thinks Rick is as bad as Pat Phelan – pictured here
Who will Sarah react when she finds out what Gary has been up to?

He said: “I think he’s trying to balance too many plates that he kind of forgets where he was with the last one – so it will all come to a head at some point, but he doesn’t quite see that.”

But he’s not surprised that his character has sunk so low, telling us: “I suppose when you look back at when he kind of first came into it, he was kind of a bit of a bad lad and a bit of a chav in some ways, a bit of a low life, so it’s kind of reverted back to his youth in a way.

“I think he’s got more of a conscience now, but it’s definitely within him to turn a little bit rogue.”

And it looks like things aren’t going to get easier for a while, as Mikey teased: “Yeah it’s going to be a big year, there’s a hell of a lot happening for Gary.

“It’s kind of his big turning point; there is lots to come that will take us to all locations far and wide. It should be good. It’s kind of the next strand of the characters life really.”


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