Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald begs for his life as he is threatened by knifeman in terrifying ordeal


CORONATION Street’s Steve McDonald is going to be threatened by a knifeman in a new storyline.

The taxi driver – who is played by actor Simon Gregson in the ITV soap – will be forced to become a getaway driver for an armed robber when he picks up a fare to the hospital.


The armed robber will threaten Steve in the scenes[/caption]

Steve accidentally becomes part of the crime as his passenger Dave holds a garage up at knifepoint after asking him to stop so he could buy flowers on the way to visit a pal in hospital.

In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, the taxi driver will pick up a fare who asks him to stop at a garage to buy flowers on the way to visit a pal in hospital.

But instead of picking up a floral arrangement, the shady character robs the petrol station and then forces Steve, who is played by Simon Gregson, to drive away at speed.

However The Sun’s Bizarre revealed earlier this week that Steve and his new pal don’t manage to get away scot-free.


Steve looks terrified as the thug brandishes a knife at him[/caption]


Steve tries to leave the car keys for the villain[/caption]


Will Steve be able to talk his way out of the horrifying situation?[/caption]


Steve tries to talk the knifeman around[/caption]

Unfortunately, the police wrongly target the seven-times married character believing he is guilty.

A show source said: “Iain is keen to make sure that Corrie is not all big stunts and doom and gloom.

“It’s always had a comedic edge and he’s trying to inject a bit of that back into it. This storyline will put a smile on viewers’ faces.

“Steve has had his fair share of bad luck over the years, but getting caught up in a robbery then being accused himself is new even for him.”


The knifeman forces Steve to get on his knees as he demands his cash[/caption]


Steve begs for his life as the thug holds the knife to him[/caption]



The knifeman clutches a huge blade[/caption]


The robbery will play out on screens in the coming months.

It will bring viewers some relief in the aftermath of the factory collapse, which left Rana Habeeb, played by actress Bhavna Limbachia, dead on her wedding day.

The nurse was crushed in the factory collapse on her wedding day and ended up marrying Kate Connor in the rubble before dying in her arms.

Rana insisted the pair got married after Imran helped Kate battle through the police to see her for one last time.

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