Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor returns in upsetting scenes that will be aired TONIGHT


Carla Connor will make her dramatic return to Coronation Street tonight as she heads back to the cobbles since disappearing last month.

Her friend Roy Cropper will also make a return tonight as he comes back from his trip to Portsmouth.

Carla made a brief reappearance last night
Carla made a brief reappearance last night

Roy – David Neilson – will be left mortified when he sees the posters Robert Preston has had made of missing Carla, offering a reward for any information about her.

Johnny and Kate Connor fill Roy in on what’s been happening while he’s been away and Roy resolves to find Carla himself.

He and Johnny then head off to the hotel where Carla – Alison King – was last seen by Robert and are horrified to see that she’s left her kidney medication there.

Roy is beside himself with worry and blames himself, insisting he will never ever forgive himself for throwing her out.


Their search for Carla is now a race against time but, unaware to Johnny and Roy, Carla has been listening from the shadows.

When Roy finally heads back to his flat, he’s stunned to see Carla waiting for him on the sofa

It’s not a happy reunion though as Roy realises Carla is more unwell than ever. She tells him that Rana Habeeb is still alive and that she thinks Kate is hiding her and pretending she’s dead.

Roy is distraught as Carla also tells him that she knows everyone is out to get her.

Corrie fans slammed the soap's apparent oversight

He begs her to go to hospital to get some professional help, but Carla refuses and starts asking after Aidan instead.

Corrie fans know that Aidan is dead too after tragically taking his own life a year ago.

Roy finds himself with a terrible dilemma – should he betray Carla and call the hospital himself or should he respect her wishes and leave her be?

There’s only one thing Roy can do really and – on Wednesday’s episode – Carla will find herself waking up in hospital. Johnny and Roy are by her side but she freaks out and starts asking for Peter.

Roy will then tell Ken that Carla wants Peter, but Ken is adamant that Peter must stay away from Carla as his own recovery needs to come first.



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