Coronation Street killer Clayton Hibbs will STAB his own mum Shona Ramsey in murder attempt reveals actor Callum Harrison


CORONATION Street’s Clayton Hibbs is going to be more evil than ever before as he stabs his mum Shona Ramsey, actor Callum Harrison has revealed.

The actor – who plays Kylie Platt’s killer Clayton in the ITV soap – revealed exclusively to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble how his character embraces his evil side more than ever before by trying to kill his own mum.

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Actor Callum has revealed how Clayton has become as evil as it’s possible to be[/caption]

He promised: “He’s been evil now hasn’t he, and this is the evilest you can get, what’s going to happen.”

Viewers are going to watch as Clayton kidnaps his own mother after staging a jail break, leaving the Platt family terrified.

But as David Platt prepares to flee with his children, scared Clayton is going to kill them like he did their mother Kylie, he doesn’t realise his girlfriend has been taken hostage by the thug.

And when Shona tries to talk her son down, he realises she wants him to hand himself in and it all goes wrong, ending up in a horror stabbing.


Clayton tries to murder his own mum after she tries to get him to hand himself in[/caption]


The killer strikes again but this time Shona’s in the firing line[/caption]

Callum revealed: “Shona wants to help him because he’s her son, but she is trying to put herself first. He’s her son, so she’s going to try and help him but she doesn’t want to, it’s very clear that she doesn’t want to help him in the way he wants.

“She tries to get through to him and in the end, she gets through to him, and then she betrays him by making a run for it.”

He added: “He takes her hostage and they share an intimate moment, they share a hug and she thinks she’s got through to him so Clayton drops the knife.

“And then a little thing happens and she makes a run for it. And that’s when he’s like no way, you’ve betrayed me, this is unbelievable, really shocked, he can’t believe it, now he’s even more scared, she really got into his head at this point and he’s just like no way have you betrayed me.”


The scene ends with Shona covered in blood as filming pictures have revealed as armed police surround the building.

Shona’s life is set to hang in the balance after the stabbing, but it’s par for the course for Callum now.

Laughing he added: “I know I’m a stabbing expert now, bleeding hell!”

Filming the dramatic scenes was a dream come true for the actor. He said: “I was gobsmacked honestly, I was like no way, this is crazy, this is crazy honestly. This is surreal, it’s still surreal to me now, I was amazed, I couldn’t wait to be honest because it’s really, really good to film, really good.”

But filming on location wasn’t the best experience with Callum and Julia kept in a tiny dank, dark room – but the horror did help with their performances.

Callum said: “It was really good because where we went to film it was an old mansion, which has been around since the 1840’s, the place is a mess honestly, it stinks, the place is horrible.

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Shona lies bleeding on the floor as paramedics desperately try to save her[/caption]

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She comes off worse after Clayton stabs her[/caption]

“When we were filming the scene, the scenery really helped when we were filming because it felt like i’d genuinely took her away and kidnapped her do you know what I mean.

He added: “Honestly, it was a disgusting place, but it was really good like, it was amazing to do it. It is a really spooky place, the place where we filmed it was on most haunted.”

And he revealed he wasn’t even meant to return after Kylie’s death.

Callum added: “None of this was meant to happen, I wasn’t even supposed to have a court case.

“I was supposed to just be playing being a nasty piece of work, killed Kylie, and that again, that was me done at the time. So to have all this happen is really good, really grateful for it to be.”

However the role is a dream come true for his mum, who was desperate for her son to be in her favourite soap.


Callum explained: “It’s probably because my mum watches it religiously, so it’s always been on since I was a baby, and she always said if there is anything I want you to be in, it’s Corrie.”

Though she’s not thrilled he;’s playing one of the most despised villains in Corrie history.

He added: “She thinks he’s nasty doesn’t she. She thinks he’s a nasty piece of work, obviously she’s really happy for me.”

But with at least one murder under his belt, and Shona fighting for her life, could Clayton return again to kill another woman David loves – maybe his mum Gail?

Laughing, he said: “We’ll have to see wont we, we’ll have to see!”

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