Coronation Street fans furious as Rana calls Kate instead of an ambulance as she’s trapped in factory rubble


CORRIE fans were left fuming last night by Rana Habeeb after the nurse decided to call her fiance Kate Connor, instead of the emergency services.

Laying trapped in the rubble of Underworld’s collapsed roof, the bride-to-be chose to phone her lover rather than try and get help for herself.

Coronation Street
Rana chose to call the love of her life rather than 999

Viewers took to social media in droves to vent their frustration at the doomed bride.

As Rana, played by Bhavna Limbachia, lay covered in dust and concrete unable to move fans of the show couldn’t help but wonder why the nurse had didn’t call 999.

One wrote on Twitter: “Stop bloody phoning Kate and phone 999”

While another practically screamed: “Rana you’re a nurse call 999 ffs!!! #corrie”

One rather rudely stated: “#corrie Rana why don’t you use your f***ing phone to ring 999 you daft t**t”

Coronation Street
Rana died in Kate’s arms after they married in Wednesday night’s episode

Fans were left devastated last night watching Coronation Street as Rana died in Kate’s arms after they managed to say their vows.

The heart-wrenching scenes gripped viewers as one wrote: “Rana and Kate’s screams will haunt me for f**ing ever.”

A second said: “Well… The tears are flowing… #Rana #Kana @BhavnaLimbachia”

Another added: “Kate being told that Rana won’t get out…the scream @Faye_Brookes”

Rana and Kate’s love story has won the soap international fans
Rana looked stunning in her dress ahead of her wedding to Kate

Rana insisted the pair got married after Imran helped Kate battle through the police to see her for one last time.

“Tell me your vows,” she told Kate.

An upset Kate gave in and told her: “You’re everything to me, my whole life. Someone said love is one soul in two bodies and that’s us.

“I can’t exist without you. You are the most beautiful person in the whole world. And you look a million times better than I do. And then I was going to go on to say I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. All my love, always.”

Coronation Street
The heart-breaking scenes left viewers in tears as Rana and Kater were denied their happy ever after
Coronation Street
Kate and Rana managed to tell each other their vows before Rana passed away in her love’s arms

Rana smiled but said she couldn’t remember her vows and began to panic before telling her: “I don’t want to leave you.”

She eventually found the words and after telling Kate how much she loved her, she added: “All my love, always.”

She then passed away as Kate broke down in sobs as she lay with her wife in the ruins of the factory.


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