Coronation Street conwoman Natalie could be killed off as she grows close to David Platt, claims actress Cassie Bradley


CORONATION Street conwoman Natalie could be killed off as she grows dangerously close to David Platt, claims actress Cassie Bradley.

The conniving character helped Nick Tilsey swindle his nan Audrey Roberts out of an £80,000 inheritance following the death of her boyfriend Lewis Archer, and it looks like she might end up stealing David from his girlfriend Shona Ramsey, too.

Actress Cassie Bradley claims conwoman Natalie could be killed off as she grows close to David Platt

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Actress Cassie Bradley  believes that Natalie is spirited and mischievous[/caption]

Risking the wrath of Nick as she tries to blackmail him for more money as she continues to develop a bond with David, Natalie’s entering into dangerous territory.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Cassie admitted Shona wouldn’t “be best pleased” about the pair’s relationship.

When asked if it could escalate to the point Shona could turn violent and kill her, she said: “Yeah, but she is from Nottingham, I think she knows how to take care of herself.

“I guess death threats have been near her in the past.

Cassie admits Shona won’t be ‘best pleased’ about Natalie’s relationship with David Platt
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David and his girlfriend Shona[/caption]

“I think she does have hidden depths. I don’t know whether its a darkness in a malicious sense. I think she’s had a hard life and I think there’s a lot that she’s had to fight for.

“I think that she’s almost a rough diamond in that sense, streetwise she’s so strong, she’s resilient.”

Despite the risks involved, Cassie is adamant Natalie and David would be perfect for one another, even after David, Shona and Leanne Battersby went on a hunt for Natalie after she disappeared from the cobbles.

She said: “I think they’d be a great couple. I think the energy balances them out really well. We’ve had so many scenes in the barbers where because she’s quite high energy, upbeat, and he’s naturally quite ‘oh, here we go again’, but is actually quite amused by her.”


Natalie blackmailed Nick for a bigger slice of Audrey’s swindled inheritance money[/caption]

“I think they both pull each other in different directions, but obviously his commitment to Shona is there, that’s what is going to be really interesting.”

Natalie landed a job at the salon after threatening to expose Nick’s secret, but the businessmen has been bombarding her with grim tasks to try and grind her down.

Cassie described her character as “a firecracker” that you can’t pin down as you never know what direction she is going to go in.

“I don’t think, you can’t pin her down, you never really know what direction she’s going to fire off in and that is what, I think she’d be a brilliant poker player. I think that’s what really gets under Nick’s skin, because he can’t control her,” she said.

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Nick and David start to use Natalie in the barbers[/caption]

She believes that Nick is playing a dangerous game because he is trying to get rid of her and Natalie can destroy everything. However, brother David adds another dynamic to the trio.

Cassie said: “I think that it’s a really useful trio relationship, because initially Nick’s the one that is trying to get rid of her.

“Then it’s David that almost takes pity on her and goes actually, we need someone at the barbers, she’s willing, I think we can control her and I think we can keep our enemies close…

“So it’s David that takes chance on her, and I think that’s where the seed of that ‘more than just friends’ relationship push comes in.”


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