Corbyn’s idea of a Norway Plus Brexit would mean the continuation of uncontrolled immigration from the EU


JEREMY CORBYN’S pose as the honest man of British politics was always phony. But on Brexit, he has plumbed new depths of treacherous hypocrisy.

Through his destructive cynicism, he has not only helped to plunge Britain into chaos, but he has also undermined democracy and betrayed his own voters in Labour’s heartlands.

Corbyn’s support of a Norway Plus-style Brexit is a kick in the teeth for Leave supporters

At the last General Election in 2017, his manifesto proclaimed that Labour “accepts the result of the referendum”. Yet by his actions, he constantly thwarts the will of the people and blocks the road to genuine British independence.

In a typical manoeuvre this week during further votes in the Commons, he ordered his MPs to support the so-called Common Market 2.0 option, which represents the softest possible EU withdrawal.

Effectively, this option would keep Britain under Brussels’ domination by locking our country in the European single market. The bureaucracy of the EU would still be in charge, dishing out its rules and cash demands.

But even worse, the plan — also known as Norway Plus — would mean the continuation of uncontrolled immigration from the EU.

Our borders would remain open, the very opposite of what voters were promised with Brexit. Indeed, the Labour Party itself gave a solemn pledge in its 2017 manifesto that “freedom of movement will end” after Britain leaves the EU. Now those words have proved hollow.

Corbyn’s move is a kick in the teeth for Leave supporters. One of the main reasons that 17.4million people voted for Brexit was because of disillusionment with soaring rates of immigration, which have imposed a social revolution on our country without any mandate.

Remain voters in the metropolitan chattering classes welcomed the massive influx, both as a source of cheap foreign labour and as a means to display their self-righteous political virtue. But large numbers of Leavers, especially in the working class, were fed up with the experience of seeing their own wages undercut, their public services over-stretched and their solidarity eroded.

In part, Brexit was a bitter, justified cry of anger from those who had been left behind by the wealthy elite’s obsession with globalisation. These are the marginalised, hard-working people that the Labour Party was originally created to represent.  But now, in thrall to the fashionable dogma of mass immigration, Corbyn’s gang has badly let them down.

Leavers wanted our Government to put a foot on the brakes of upheaval. The Labour leader is seeking to press down the accelerator.  His betrayal on freedom of movement is just the latest stage in Labour’s drive to prevent the return of real sovereignty.

Only last month their trade spokesman, Barry Gardiner, claimed that “Labour is not a Remain party”.  Yet Corbyn’s mob is certainly acting like one as it keeps inventing new obstacles to an orderly withdrawal.

Ever since the referendum result in 2016, Corbyn has indulged in creative ambiguity about Labour’s stance on Brexit.

Leo McKinstry

The hardline Brexiteers in the Tory Party rightly get a lot of stick for their stubbornness in their uncompromising pursuit of a clean departure from the EU. But at least they are motivated by principle.

In contrast, all Labour seeks is narrow, short-term political advantage. The party cares nothing about the national interest or honouring the referendum result. It simply wants to create as much turmoil as possible in order to force a General Election, which would bring a Corbyn regime to power.

Its ruthless opposition to Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement is a classic example of this damaging approach. Labour has no real objection to her deal, which fits exactly with Corbyn’s demand for a sensible compromise. Yet, in order to foment Parliamentary anarchy and bring down the Government, Labour refuses to back it.

That is no way for a responsible movement to behave. Labour MPs keep telling us that they do not want a No Deal departure. Well, the best way to avoid No Deal is to vote for the only deal on the table. But that is exactly what Labour refuses to do.

Typical of this intransigence is Yvette Cooper MP, the anti-Brexit cause’s hand-wringing high priestess, who has created a procedural quagmire in the Commons with her antics. Only yesterday, she called for a special Commission on Brexit. That would be a recipe for yet more delays and navel-gazing, which is exactly what she wants.

Ever since the referendum result in 2016, Corbyn has indulged in creative ambiguity about Labour’s stance on Brexit. He has tried to appeal simultaneously to both the army of Leave voters and the pro-EU brigade who make up the bulk of the party’s membership.

But now the mask has truly slipped. By his decision this week, Corbyn has shown that he sides with the Remainers. In Labour’s battle for supremacy, the affluent metropolitan progressives have won against the traditional working class of the North and the Midlands. That should hardly be a surprise given how London-centric the top ranks of Labour really are.

Every single one of Labour’s big guns on the front bench, including John McDonnell, Sir Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott, represents a London seat. But the victory for the Labour Brexit blockers is a tragedy for our country. Corbyn’s gang is helping to wreck the chance for freedom.

Labour thinks the present chaos at Westminster is playing into the party’s hands — reflected in a recent opinion poll that put them five points ahead of the Tories. But their negative strategy could backfire disastrously.

If there is a long delay or, indeed, no Brexit at all, Leave voters will not be forgiving. Electoral carnage, not advance, could beckon.

There are at least 72 Labour seats where support for Leave at the referendum was estimated to be more than 55 per cent — such as the 69.3 per cent in Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford where Yvette Copper, who campaigned for Remain, is MP.

Many seats could be lost — and it would be no more than Labour deserves for its shallow, Remoaner-led dishonesty.

Corbyn and his gang are helping to wreck the chance for freedom
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