Cops Searching Middlesbrough Wasteland In Hunt For Remains Of Teen Donna Keogh Who Vanished 20 Years Ago


POLICE are today searching wasteland for the body of a teen who went missing 20 years ago.

Donna Keogh was just 17-years-old when she was last seen – with police fearing the Middlesbrough teen was murdered soon after she disappeared in 1998.

Donna Marie Keogh was 17 years old when she was reported missing from her home town of Middlesbrough in May 1998

The teen’s body has never been found.

Cleveland Police today confirmed they were excavating the wasteland on Troon Close in Middlesbrough as part of their hunt for answers.

Detective Superintendent Michael Hunt, leading the investigation, said: “As part of our investigation we have reviewed a large amount of information, the review has identified areas of interest where we will be conducting targeted searches in an attempt to find Donna and discover what happened to her in 1998.

“Donna’s family desperately want to give her a proper funeral and finally lay her body to rest, finding Donna continues to be a priority for the investigation team”.

Cleveland Police Police are searching the waste ground in Middlesbrough today

The young woman’s body has never been found since she disappeared more than 20 years ago

It comes after police launched a new investigation into the teen’s death in 2016, working to find out just what happened to Donna.

Photographs show police breaking through the lock of the wasteland, with dozens of officers flooding to the scene.

It is unclear why police have narrowed their search down to the wasteland.

As part of the renewed search, police will be delivering leaflets to locals appealing for information.

Donna, aged 16, is believed to have been murdered

The young woman’s family are desperate for answers WHAT HAPPENED TO DONNA? The timeline of the teen’s disappearance

DONNA was the only daughter of her parents Brian and Shirley, with the pair desperate for answers.

The 17-year-old was last seen leaving a flat she shared with her cousin in Central Mews, Middlesbrough, about 11pm on Saturday, April 18, 1998.

Police believe she was seen several hours later, about 3am, wearing a blue backless dress.

The teen, who was also wearing black knee-length boots, was seen getting into a small red car.

Donna hasn’t been seen since, but there have been several unconfirmed sightings, including in Leeds.

Police said there was no set timetable for the excavation, saying: “It will simply be concluded once the site has been thoroughly examined.”

Police said the search was part of their investigations in finding answers around what happened to Donna.

They said: “The circumstances surrounding Donna’s disappearance have led to the conclusion that she was murdered within a short period of time after her last known sighting in mid-April that year.

“To date Donna’s body has not been located and her family remain desperate for answers.”

The new investigation, Operation Resolute, into Donna’s death was launched in 2016.

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