Conor McGregor goes for topless run immediately after leaving Miami jail then attends ‘Fight Club’ gym


UFC star Conor McGregor was back to the grind immediately after being released from jail as he plots his return back to the Octagon.

The 30-year-old was arrested on Monday following an altercation with a fan where he is alleged to have knocked his phone out of his hand, before walking away with it.

Conor McGregor was spotted going for a jog after being released following his arrest in Miami

McGregor was subsequently charged with strong-arm robbery and misdemeanour criminal mischief following the incident that occurred at 5am local time outside Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami beach.

He was released after posting his £9,450 bond, where he would then take to Instagram as he vowed to continue to work on his patience.

It has been reported that a fan tried to take a picture of McGregor, before having his £755 phone smashed out of his hand, with the Notorious then stomping on the device several times.

The two-weight world champion then picked up the phone before walking away with it as he left the area, where he was then later found at a house on North Venetian Drive.

McGregor, 30, is free to fight in the UFC from April 6 when his six-month ban comes to an end
Irish fighter McGregor was banned following his part in the melee after he lost against Khabib
Miami police released a mugshot of Conor McGregor after his arrest on Monday
Miami police released a mugshot of McGregor after his arrest on Monday
AP:Associated Press

Shortly after being released, McGregor was filmed going for a run as he continues to work on his fitness as the Irishman plans to reach the pinnacle of his sport once again.

While he was also spotted heading to Fight Club America as he trains ahead of his return to UFC, where he is able to fight again from April 6 after being handed a six-month ban for his part in the brawl following his defeat to Khabib.

Hollywood actor Michael Blackson has called for McGregor to be deported from America, as he branded him as a “violent man”.

The southpaw star has been involved in a number of controversies during his career, proving he is Notorious in the ring as well out of it.



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