Conor McGregor fan claims UFC star ‘tricked him into a handshake’ before grabbing phone and smashing it outside Miami club


THE FAN who had his phone smashed by Conor McGregor has claimed the UFC star tricked him into a handshake.

Ahmed Abdirzak, 22, alleges that the Notorious offered his hand but then grabbed his iPhone 8 before stomping it into the ground outside a nightclub in Miami.

Ahmed Abdirzak
Ahmed Abdirzak
UFC star Conor McGregor was arrested over the incident
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In a video shared with TMZ Sport, Abdirzak said: “We ended up at Liv on Sunday [Miami nightclub] Blueface [American rap artist] was there so we just was seeing what was popping.

“So there was quite a few A-list celebrities over there, you know how it goes down, Blueface, a few NBA players and NFL stars were over there.

“So what happened was we saw McGregor in the club and it was all cool. Then on the way out we were just waiting for our vehicle from the valet so as soon as we go to pick it up I see Conor McGregor.

“So I’m there, try to take out my little phone and as soon as I bring out my phone McGregor tries to come and shake my hand.

McGregor smiles as he’s released from jail in Miami
The Mega Agency
McGregor faces a Miami court hearing on April 10
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McGregor is due back in court for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone
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“He came to shake my hand and as soon as he came to shake my hand he pulled me in and he grabbed my phone and started smashing it.

“All the security guards literally surrounded me, started pushing me out of the way.

“And he’s stomping on it, there’s a video that’s going to be released real soon.

“He was being a lot rude, so he was like ‘get the f*** out of my face you don’t move.’


Conor McGregor drives away after being released from a Miami jail
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McGregor during his USA holiday

“So I was like ‘yo sir’ can I get my phone back? And there was security and his entourage around him and I asked them ‘yo can I get my phone back?’

“McGregor picked the phone up, put it in his pocket, laughed and then he got in his SUV, Cadillac, whatever it was and they drove off.

“I got pictures of my son that I didn’t even save on my iCloud that I’m gonna lose so that’s what’s pissed me off the most.”

The Dublin fighter was later arrested and charged with strong-arm robbery and misdemeanour criminal mischief.

McGregor released a short statement after he was released having posted a $12,500 bond vowing to continue to work on his “patience” while declaring his admiration for his supporters.

He said: “Patience in this world is a virtue I continue to work on. I love my fans dearly. Thank you all.”

McGregor hosted a party for his mum’s 60th at the Versace Mansion


His case is due to be heard in the Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County on April 10.

However, the Notorious will not have to appear at the hearing in person if he instructs his lawyer to submit a written not guilty plea on his behalf.

Earlier today the Irish Sun revealed Conor’s late-night controversy came just hours after his family flew home from the States, where they’d been enjoying an extended break.

McGregor shared a snap of him talking to Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty
Instagram @thenotoriousmma


The shamed fighter treated his extended gang of loved ones to a sunshine stay where they celebrated his mother Margaret’s 60th birthday in the luxury Versace Mansion.

But they flew home before the dad-of-two partied into the early hours, where he was seen in the company of rappers and NFL stars.

Shortly after being released, McGregor was filmed going for a run as he continues to work on his fitness as the Irishman plans to reach the pinnacle of his sport once again.

Four days on from the alleged fracas, The Notorious posted several pictures with fans on his Instagram.

McGregor was pictured in a bar with his Proper 12 whiskey in hand posing for selfies with his fans after meeting them at the Hard Rock in Miami.

The MMA star, 30, was even pictured with Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty.



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