Conjoined twins trapped in Yemen warzone as doctors plead for evacuation


Conjoined twin boys born in the chaos of Yemen’s war may be evacuated to Saudi Arabia for live-saving treatment, Saudi authorities said on Thursday. 

Abdelkhaleq and Abdelkarim were born two weeks ago in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, where the health system has collapsed under years of airstrikes and blockade by a Saudi-led military coalition. 

The tiny boys have separate heads, spines, lungs, hearts, but they share a liver, reproductive organs and a pair of kidneys, arms and legs between them.

Dr Faisal al-Balbali, the head of the neonatal unit at al-Thawra hospital, said their lives depended on getting treatment outside of Yemen. 

“They need to travel immediately. They will not be able to survive in Yemen under the social, political and economic circumstances in this country,” he said. 


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