'Come out of your bunker!' Sky host grills Sadiq Khan over COVID response in London


    The London Mayor told Sky News’ Emma Crosby that grants and loans have been issued to businesses in the capital in order to provide financial support during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Khan also stated Transport for London is taking world leading steps to make transport as safe as possible. co

    Ms Crosby said: “Some of the city’s top chefs and restaurants are getting frustrated with you saying that you need to come out of your bunker and raise to the challenge.

    “As Mayor of London what are you doing personally to get people back on the streets?”

    Mr Khan replied: “There are lots of things we are doing from City Hall to help businesses in London.

    “We have given record number of grants to businesses in London and record loans.

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    “We are also helping with their marketing as well.

    “The London is open campaign, the London is together campaign is really important.

    “At TfL, we are doing world-leading steps to make sure that transport is safe as it possibly can be.

    “It is really important though the Government works with City Hall, TfL and businesses in London that are really struggling now.”

    “I have got videos of it and I have an Instagram dedicated to the people not wearing masks.

    “I really can’t believe how much the rules are being broken.”

    Mr Khan replied: “The numbers we have are accurate figures from our weekly tally.

    “So when I refer to the 60,000 plus conversations, not every single conversation leads to a fixed penalty notice.”


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